From the Archive: Phone Wallpapers by Marleigh Culver

From the Archive is a micro-series feat. past Journal entries we believe deserve another spot in the light.

With the new moon comes change. And one of the ways I like to stay nimble is by switching up my phone lock-screen image. I know, small beans, and I engage with my phone a lot so what this lacks in gravitas, makes up for in consistency. Maybe the art on your phone is a portal to new beginnings? Why not try and see - JE


Phone Wallpapers Designed Exclusively for Boketto

When thinking of Richmond artists, the name Marleigh Culver often navigates its way into conversation. Her Matisse-esque paintings, whimsical yet intentional, evoke a feeling of freedom and complexity through her bright colors, organic shapes, and refreshing use of space. So we asked her to create a series of wallpapers for the Boketto Community. To download put your curser on the image, hit control + click and save to your desktop. 

Get to know Marleigh better: Via her Boketto Momentwebsite and/or Instagram


Originally written by Emma Siobhan McLaughlin [11/2019]