A Boketto Moment with Patrick Kelly of Sigil

We *virtually* sat down with Patrick Kelly from Sigil to talk about scent memories, and Boketto moments. 

Tell us a little bit about yourself! What do you love to do? 
Hej hej. My name is Patrick Kelly. He/they pronouns. I’m the founder of Sigil, a line of gender-neutral fine fragrances. Some of the things I love: poetry, natural wine, Pilates, naps, writing, film, bath time. 

How did you come to create Sigil? 
It sort of happened to me. I spent over 13 years learning how to construct complex, long-wearing perfumes with 100% natural materials. The practice was for me, and then friends, friends of friends, etc. The whole approach has been one step forward, evaluate, align to our values. Take another step, repeat.

What do you hope people experience using Sigil?
A moment of sensorial delight.

On your website, you talk about scent memories. Can you speak a little bit more about this? 
For me, a strong scent memory is the aroma of orange blossoms. This bright, slightly soapy, and indolic citrus flower played a huge role during my childhood in Florida. I can picture perfectly my grandmother’s backyard, the trees in bloom, her chihuahuas barking.

If you could have a tea or take a Boketto moment (a moment of daydreaming and of rest) with any person dead or alive who would it be? What kind of tea would you have?
It would be a floral tisane with Sartre. 

What does a moment of rest, recharging, or nourishment look like for you
Bath time, every time. Smooth some exfoliant on my face and lips, let the sugar and shea melt in, throw a steaming face towel over my face and B R E A T H E

What's something you want people to know about you that I wouldn't think to ask.
If you’re a film nerd, let’s chat. I studied film and philosophy in school. 

Sun/Rising/Moon sign?
Virgo Sun, Leo Moon, Scorpio Rising.