How to Exfoliate Like a Pro

It’s time to rethink your relationship to exfoliation.

Some exfoliates just scratch the surface, and we mean this both literally and figuratively. The general public’s love of a good scrub comes from a good place, but its intentions often miss the mark.

When your skin is congested and needs to shake it off exfoliation may be the key to your skincare woes.

Acne begins when the skin becomes congested.

As Marie Veronique reminds us in Acne Answer, “purging skin of excess oiliness and dirt as instructed will not reach problems already well under way.”

She also says that, “too much exfoliation can dry and irritate the skin.” And no one wants that.

Buying products intentionally, especially those that exfoliate are absolutely essential according to skincare experts.

New on our shelves is Moss Mornings Sleep Peel. These peels offer intense hydration for the skin with mandelic acid and layered actives to help provide smoother and brighter skin (touchable, soft, all the bonuses!).

A combination of lactic, salicylic, and glycolic acid provides a gentle overnight exfoliation while hyaluronic acid provides a feeling of intense moisture.

You will awake with a more confident and luminous morning glow!

It’s also important to work with an oil cleanser, after exfoliating, you can then replenish that moisture.

Learn How to Oil cleanse from our in-house esthetician Anne Dietrich here.

Another way we love to care through our skin is through Dry Brushing. Dry Brushing doesn’t cause microscopic tears in the skin, or pollute the environment like some scrubs do.

The Ionic Body Brush from Redecker is a part of the Boketto Essential Tools collection. We love it to charge your morning routine with this ionizing dry brush. This brush exfoliates + stimulates like no other. Dry brushing is an incredibly powerful ritual that promotes lymphatic drainage, in turn enhancing your immune system, skin texture, and elasticity.

We put together a handy How-To on all things dry brushing here.

Our founder Jelena says, “Balance is extremely important, especially when it comes to skincare routines. Over exfoliation can cause more harm than good, and finding the right products is key. This obsession with over exfoliation comes from this idea that we constantly need to get rid of dead skin. There’s a right way to exfoliate that’s balancing and not to stripping of protective natural oils. I like to exfoliate, 2x/week, in the evening, and follow it up with oil cleansing. I love to use a wet warm face cloth, to help decongest pores and lift dirt.”

For a personalized approach, book a skin consult with skincare expert Anne Dietrich.