Nurturing A Home Practice 

“There is a time for being ahead,
A time for being behind;
A time for being in motion,
[and] a time for being at rest”
- excerpt from the 29th verse of the Tao

As this season begs us to slow down and lean into moments of tenderness and rest, developing a home practice serves as a beautiful ritual to further support these areas of our lives. By allowing subtle movement and restorative practices to unfold privately and within a nurturing environment, one can more gently and freely arrive in their own body and its rhythms of self-expression. Allison Walton, a movement artist, is offering personalized movement + restorative practices for navigating the ebbs and flows of the winter season upon us, and in good company alongside a curation of sensory elements from Boketto’s apothecary. A lovely gift for yourself, or as something special to extend to dear ones near or far that may be in need of some tender loving care.

Your Custom Home Movement Practice

So that the recipient’s home practice preferences and needs are well understood, the process begins with a 30-minute virtual consultation with Allison. The custom home practice is then sequenced, designed and recorded before being delivered to the recipient electronically for download. The recording is available to the recipient without expiration so that it may serve as a lifetime companion of support—and in a format that can be viewed and listened to anytime from phone or desktop. 

Sensorial elements pair beautifully alongside a movement practice for creating a nurturing environment in the comfort of one’s own home. Utilization of these products will be seamlessly woven into the custom home practice for welcoming a more easeful state into the body and mind. 

Restorative Eye Pillow
by Jess Breed of Willow Knows
Composed of delicate, hand-dyed raw silk, these weighted restorative eye pillows contain a blend of organic herbs, rice, and buckwheat. Provides gentle acupressure over the eyes while the body relaxes in a horizontal position. 

Moon Botanical Body Lotion
by 3rd Ritual 
Perfectly adorned with grounding and soothing notes of lavender, chamomile and rose, this moisturizing botanical blend carries the emotional effects of the moon. Designed as a tool for transition to support the shift from movement to stillness, wakefulness to slumber, and giving to receiving, it may be applied to the palms and soles of the feet throughout a restorative practice.

Allison began teaching yoga in 2016 after becoming an avid student of the practice while living and working full time in New York City. Having the heart and pursuit to study yoga on a more intimate level, she fled to Nosara, Costa Rica in January 2014 to train under the guidance of Don and Amba Stapleton at Nosara Yoga Institute. After receiving her 200-hour Interdisciplinary Teaching Training at NYI, she underwent a brief mentorship with Kiley Holliday and later spent the winter of 2016 teaching at New Love City in Brooklyn, NY. In Fall 2017, she completed her 25-hour Restorative Training at Sky Ting Yoga under the guidance of Abby Paloma and utilizes these principles to blend into her movement-based practices and restorative offerings. Currently, she’s a 200-hour E-RYT and is in the process of completing her 300-hour Advanced Teacher Training with Nexus Yoga Institute in Nosara, Costa Rica under the guidance of Janel Schullo and Horace Usry. Her class formats and teachings are intelligently and intuitively sequenced — always accompanied by a thoughtful playlist. A good bit of meditation is typically woven in alongside an extended savasana, as a body in movement also requires plenty of stillness and rest. Catch her in various moments and movements @allisonryanwalton