The auditory system holds an immense capacity to reprogram the mind, while synchronizing and healing the body on a cellular and physiological level. This makes Sound Healing an excellent option for remedying symptoms of every day stress, anxiety, depression, PTSD, minor aches and pains, immune support, grief processing, energetic clearing and much more. It’s also a wonderful option for anyone moving through times of change or transformation who are needing a deeper sense of grounding, clarity and nervous system support.

Kelley Farlow is a certified Sound Bath Practitioner whose practice is rooted in helping others achieve a greater sense of balance, creative expression and mind-body wellness.

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Meet Kelley Farlow

Kelley has lived and worked in Los Angeles and Charleston, and lucky us, is back in her hometown of Richmond. She spent 15 years working as a photographer, photo editor, makeup artist, and natural skincare/holistic wellness blogger, before deciding to pursue a career in Sound Healing. While working at The Mindry Meditation in Malibu as a studio ambassador, Kelley met Helane Anderson, whom she subsequently completed her Levels 1 & 2 Sound Healing Certification through. A few years later, she connected with Marjorie Ville to complete her Bach Flower Remedies Certification.
In addition to being a PRN Therapist in a hospital setting, guiding Sound Healing and Meditation for patients several days a week, she also offers sessions at Boketto every Wednesday, by appointment only.