Winter Skincare Explained

Skin is the vessel in which we carry ourselves. It’s also our largest organ, acting as a protective barrier. During the (northern hemisphere) wintertime, skincare requires unique approaches and practices.

Boketto offers a variety of ways to support skin restoration, relief, and remedy via product collections and services. From facials, to daily home care, and Chinese medicine— we have something-something for you. We’re here to help if you have any questions. Call, DM, pop-in for a personalized plan or just some good info so you can make an informed decision. 


All Boketto facials are design to meet you where you are and where you want to go. Feely puffy from too much indoor heat? Gua Sha is a technique that stimulates lymphatic drainage and treats other winter inflammatory woes: allergies, stress, and congestion. In traditional Chinese medicine, practitioners employ gua sha to rid the body of “cold winds,” using a stone tool to swipe the surface of the skin and facilitate lymphatic drainage— which helps to target these aforementioned symptoms by stimulating places of blockage.

And facials aren’t just about aesthetics. Often times, when we fall sick or are more susceptible to illness, stagnation and build up in the face and body is the culprit. Facial Reflexology naturally improves the circulation of blood, lymph and vital energy in the face, neck and décolleté, while rebalancing and restoring all systems in the body. Dien Chan Zone Facial Reflexology techniques are deeply relaxing, healing... our clients have called the results transformative.

We include facials in our winter essentials to soothe the skin and target a wide variety of cold weather skin conditions. Our esthetician, Anne, combines your shared skincare goals with her know-how to create a treatment suited towards your individual needs— and suggests products to extend that feeling of skin vitality at home.


Chinese Medicine

While the benefits of acupuncture are a year-round boon, Immunity Resilience Acupuncture does double duty in the cooler seasons. Acupuncture helps to boost the body’s immune system through stimulating certain points all over the body, releasing “qi” (chee)— it’s also a way to relieve symptoms of seasonal stress and weather-induced symptoms of illness.

Alongside acupuncture, Cupping is a tool that increases circulation, and brings in fresh oxygen by pulling up from under the fascia layer of the dermis. Using glass cups and flame, suction is produced  on the skin— clearing lung congestion in both acute and chronic respiratory conditions, as well as providing relief for those who hold tension within their muscles, especially as seasonal stress is elevated under the influence of the longer/darker days. Many of our practitioners offer this nourishing service, call to see about adding it to a massage or acupuncture session.

Naturopathic Medicine

During this unprecedented time of collective and individual stress: democracy threatened, fighting for social justice and the continued threat of COVID-19, our skin can show the tell-tale signs of the times. Well-being practices are necessary, and Naturopathy offers an accessible starting point for those seeking long-term natural care throughout all seasons— inside and out.

Our naturopath, Dr. Alexandra Cope, promotes effective self-healing through natural and herbal remedies. Beginning with lifestyle rather than focusing solely on symptoms, Dr. Cope seeks to provide sustainable and long-term care through a holistic form of treatment to improve your sense of self and quality of life. 


At Home Care

Is your skin dry, itchy &/or inflamed? Our Winter Skin Freakout collection has just been updated. And maybe a good night of zzzzs are in order? We whole heartedly believe that our skin quality reflects our inner sense of warmth and chill. So in addition to anything you do topically, these Winter Essentials support wellness from the outside from the inside and our Sleep Edit works with your body’s natural time of recovery and rejuvenation.

Again, it’s our pleasure to help you make informed decisions about home skincare. Cost, time, lifestyle... bring us your questions! Call, DM, pop-in. It’s our pleasure to be of service.