Vote Forward Letter Writing Event

Boketto once again is partnering with Vote Forward to increase participation in our democracy through writing to underrepresented voters. On 9 October, 12-6pm we’ll be hosting an in-person letter writing event at the shop.

In 2020, thanks to the Boketto Community, our Vote Forward partnership brought awareness and heart to get 60 Americans to the polls. In the shop (and virtually across the country), hand writing to fellow citizens makes a difference in turnout. And this year the Virginia Governors race is scarily competitive.

Historically, Virginia is seen as a bell weather to gauge national political leanings, and polls show GOP voters are very enthused about their prospects in 2021, making this year's gubernatorial race tense.

How tense? And what’s at stake?
(and more)

Democrat Terry McAuliffe, a former governor seeking a return to the office is in a race against Republican Glen Youngkin, who has Trump’s endorsement and shares many of the former president’s conservative views on policy— but has little else in common with him tonally or stylistically. This makes Youngkin uniquely capable of uniting Trump enthusiasts and haters.

Yes, we have an opinion on who to vote for, and who will be a better advocate for all Virginians. And! Our main objective here is to Get Out the Vote (GOTV) no matter your chosen candidate— McAuliffe, Youngkin or Blanding. Working together, we’ll write letters to underrepresented voters and send them when they will have the biggest impact.

On 9 October, 12-6pm we’ll be hosting an in-person letter writing event at the shop.

All the materials you need will be there at the ready (scripts, paper, pens envelope and stamps) JOIN US! And, for those not able to attend, we can 
digitally send you a kit that connects you with underrepresented voters.

You don't have to be a Virginia resident to write letters. The tone of the letter is to encourage voting, NOT a candidate. In fact campaigning for a candidate is strongly discouraged. Vote Forward letters use nonpartisan language to encourage voting. Period.

Participation in every election is critical to the health of our democracy. We’re learning this the hard way, ay? Again, join us live or virtually. Put a calendar reminder for Saturday, now. OR reach out to be set up with a voter kit. You will receive 20 voters, which should take 60 minutes time to connect with. 

Thank you #understatement


106 N Vine Street RVA 23220

(804) 354-6707