The How & Why of Hairbrushing

You’ve heard the old adage that brushing your hair 100 times will keep it healthy, shiny and strong? Maybe. Sure. But thats a bit, extra. You know? At Boketto we have a tight collection of tools and treatments that encourage hair health, vitality, and ritual. To get you on your way, below we share some whys and hows of hair brushing:

How to brush your hair

No matter the length, in terms of detangling and routine hair health, you want to start with the ends. Work upwards in sections, steadily freeing hair from the bottom and then inching up further with each new pass. Small, steady strokes are ideal, and you can even use your fingers to help “comb” through as you go. As you free up each new section, eventually you’ll reach the scalp area and will have the ability to use longer, slow strokes.

But take it easy, slow and steady wins the race! Don’t pull too hard or fight knots with force.The last thing you want is to induce breakage. You can always apply a detangling product or a bit of Nourishing Conditioner if you need extra slickness.

When to Brush

If you’re beginning a hair brushing regimen, begin with once a day— and on dry hair since it is far less prone to breakage compared to wet strands. Increasing to 2x a day causes no harm, so up the ante as you wish and are ready. However, people with curly-hair sometimes prefer to brush when their har is wet. It that describes you, make sure you’re using a good conditioner to keep the brush getting stuck.

Distribute scalp oils to the entire strand

The naturally nourishing scalp oils (sebum) can only make its way so far without help. A hair brush has the unique ability to help condition each entire hair strand so that you can avoid having breakage, frizzing, split ends, OR! overly greasy roots. You also get a healthy shine in the process! 

Untangle hair

If you’ve ever combed your hair and felt those painful knots— often tearing through them and breaking a cluster of hairs in the process— then you definitely missed out on brushing’s next big benefit. A well-spaced, flexible brush like the Hairbrush with Hornbeam Pins from Redecker helps detangle your hairs with minimal breakage.

Stimulate the scalp and strengthen follicles

Like a scalp massage, brushes stimulate the capillaries in your scalp and increase circulation in the area. This increases the oxygen and nutrient delivery to the follicles, which fortifies hair growth at the root. Daily brushing with Manta’s Healthy Hair Brush can help ensure that you have stronger, sturdier hairs sprouting at the start, and geared up for the long haul.

Help remove ready-to-shed hair

It’s said that you shed 50 to 100 hairs a day. And rather than find them around your kitchen, bedsheets, and bathroom floor, why not brush them out each morning and night with a Hairbrush with Boar Hair Bristles?! The brushing doesn’t cause premature fall, unless you're pulling and tugging— instead, it coaches out those hairs that were ready to shed in the first place. They’ll be back in a couple months’ time, just as if they had fallen naturally.