The Gift of Home: The Whitakers

There’s a crispness in the air, family/friend/coworker celebrations loom, and holiday music is playing everywhere. Yes, we are officially deep into making your list and checking it twice season. To mix things up, in lieu of straight Gift Guides we asked a few Friends of Boketto about who they are… and from there teased out their favorite things from our shelves. All four lovely FOBs are popping-up in the shop over the next few weeks, we invite you to them all!

Whitaker & Co. Pop-up
Thursday, December 14th

Meet The Whitakers: Hailey & Lacey

Describe what you make
Plain & simple: cozy home staples. Candles & woodworking. We make goods that make your house feel like home; nostalgic & timeless.

Share the most important thing you’ve designed to date
The entire design process for our brand (shout out to Poppykock- Krystle led us so well into this defining process) - logo, website, vibe, names of candles, etc truly came out of the heart of what we love & who we are. Defining who we are as a family business & that being reflected in our business with values like accessibility & inclusivity matter most to us.

Describe the problem your work solves
Provides a soothing, reflective, everyday ritual. Appealing to each of your senses, candles remind you to slow down and pause. It returns you to your instincts & connects you back!

Share what you have going on right now
Soon you can find us in a few shops in the city & Illinois, Hail’s home state. The next few months we will be popping up at some of our favorite spots like phosphene, Na Nin, and of course, here at Boketto!! We have some really exciting collabs dropping soon like Spotty Dog you won’t wanna miss. Each connection point for us is intentional & all about connection/community– you will find us where we love.

What’s an object of affection you have in your studio
Our sweet senior pups river & phinmore- we love to all be together as a family when we’re working. I cannot emphasize what it has meant to have quality time together as we dream.

Where can we find you when you’re not working
HOMEBODIES. We love to be home & cozy— making our craft very natural. Otherwise, you’ll probably catch us walking for lattes in Forest Hill or grabbing Sub Rosa! Local spot gals forsure.

What’s something that you’re looking forward to
Becoming moms. We are preparing our lives for this season & our attention. As queer folks, this is a journey and we are hopeful!

List your source(s) of creative inspiration
Our sources of inspiration are really our everyday life. Everything we create is named from a memory with family, a food that changed our lives, or a place that has a piece of us. We are both extremely sentimental, and scents can take you to another place. We hope to inspire others to hold tight to moments with friends & family: have wine nights, appreciate good food, love hard, and revel. Our inspiration is gratitude for the life we are in & the people that make it all worth it.

What’s a distraction you want to eliminate
TV & too much social media– honestly anything that is “filler”-- the older we get, the more we love the sound of nothing, stillness, and true deep breathing rest. Days seem to go by quickly with rigid schedules, but eliminating filler to be more present & alive is a true value— it is also something we are avid to do this holiday season. To make moments with friends, family, and those we share our art with wholly— eliminate the filler.

Lightning Round

  1. Concrete or marble? Concrete 
  2. City or Country? Both! But right now, country.
  3. Remember or forget? Remember
  4. Aliens or ghosts? Ghosts
  5. Breakfast or Dinner? Breakfast for dinner :)


The Whitaker’s Favorite Things

What makes a house feel like home— nostalgic & timeless— are the things Hailey & Lacey gravitate towards. Their top Boketto well-being items support their “homebody” life.


Inner Pile Bath Towels by Morihata, Ceramic Spoons by Ware for Life, Awakening Fertility by Heng Ou, Balancing Shampoo by Sisters, Hinoki Yuzu Soap by Boketto LAB, Tomato Caramel & Liquid Sunshine by Rhea Goods, Women’s Warming Tonic by Rasananda Ayurveda, Artisanal Olive Oil by Brightland, Everyday Endurance by HRBLS.