Gift Guide No.3: The Chef’s Kiss 😘

For the Chef, the aspiring gourmet, the grill master, and for those who need the gift of culinary excellence. Straight from our pantry to yours (or someone you love!), these are our favorite delicious and delectable offerings—The Chef’s Kiss.


1. Wadaman Black Sesame Paste

Sesame Paste is beyond delicious. This deep, rich, nutty black sesame paste can lend itself to many applications, both sweet and savory—from chilled noodles to morning toast to ice cream.


2. The First Forty Days

Don’t let the subtitle of this cookbook dissuade you, The First 40 Days is not only for postpartum women. The collection of recipes are for physical and emotional resilience—and we all could use a hefty serving of it year round. Give the gift of connection, nourishment, and guidance. (We highly recommend the Congee recipe.)


3. Brightland Olive Oil

A gift unlike any other. Brightland offers a collection of olive oils made from heirloom olives that are harvested early by a master miller onsite in a certified organic mill. All oils come in a glass bottle that has been UV-powder coated to protect the extra virgin olive oil from damaging light. These works of art make a statement. Available in 5 flavor profiles: Alive, Ardor, Arise, Awake, and Lucid.


4. Dark Horse Black Lava Salt

Sourced directly from Hawaii, bring a little lava into your holiday. Black Lava Sea Salt is a little more sulfuric and smoky in taste. The charcoal component within the lava salt acts as a detoxifier, and also helps with hydration regulation. You can cook with it so simply use as a garnishing salt as it adds a beautiful flavor and a pop of healthy goth beauty onto any dish.


5. Canyon Coffee

Canyon coffee totally gets us, their philosophy is to make coffees to enjoy drinking (black) every morning! They're that delicious and full and bright. Packaged beautifully for perfect gift giving or as stocking stuffers. Canyon's coffees are organic, fair trade, and Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center Bird-Friendly—icing on the cake!


6. Dark Horse Trifecta
Given as a set or on its own. All you need to elevate the everyday!

Jalapeno Hot Sauce Hot summer Jalapeno fermented with garlic and coriander. Nothing added except for organic apple cider vinegar and sea salt. If you like your heat complex, this is for you. 

Umami Ketchup A mix of traditional Japanese ingredients and modern American cuisine, this robust and umami-forward sauce has a more three-dimensional full-bodied flavor than any other ketchup out there. Umami ketchup is the condiment of the future, you wont turn back!

Charcoal Vinaigrette Organic California extra virgin olive oil mixed with rich probiotic liquid, spiked with pine pollen, activated coconut charcoal and sea salt. A must have, and not just for salad!