Gift Guide No.4: Sweet & Small 🍬


Sweet & Small

Whoever said that great things come in small packages... they must’ve been talking about this gift guide. Sweet & Small are a collection of small but mighty gifts, and perfect stocking stuffers. Palm-sized and pocket presents that are on everyone’s list (even if they don’t know it yet!).




 1. Freedom Apothecary Rose Oil

Rose is an herb often associated with love and the heart. Give a sweet gift infused with rose. This luxurious face oil is a skin-regenerative and anti-aging moisturizer that aids in reducing the appearance of scars, smooth fine lines, helps improve skin tone and skin elasticity. And sure is pretty with visible, fresh rose buds.


2. Elizabeth Few Silk Scrunchie

These super pretty, jewel-like accessories are made of ultra-soft silk charmeuse, hand-dyed with flowers and leaves. Each scrunchie is made in collaboration with nature, a one-of-a-kind pop of color for a ponytail or wrist. These gems are gentle on your hair by helping reduce friction and breakage. Get your scrunchie on!


3. The Cristalline

The Cristalline face rollers comes in five different metal handles with one of five unique stones: Sodalite, Amethyst, Rose Quartz, and Clear Quartz. Each stones energy brings a different intention. We love this roller because it’s perfect for travel, and on-the-go self-care. 


4. H is for Love Palmarosa

Lip luxury! Long-lasting Palmarosa is formulated to draw and hold moisture, so its benefits can be felt long after application. A gift that keeps on giving, Palmarosa nourishes and protects so well that the more you use it, the less you’ll need it. Your genius will be remembered every time they reach for the chic, black pot of lip conditioning. 



1. Casa Bosques Chocolate

Casa Bosques from Mexico City are dark chocolate for dark chooclate lovers. Organic, single origin, in 3 flavor profiles. Pure Poetry.
Oh Pure one,

Complex, straight to the point,
Polished for the raw,
Transparent for the real,
The acidity of cacao
without even knowing it.


2. Fat of the Land Maple Syrup

Maple Syrup powered by mushrooms! Yup you heard right. A blend of turkey tail, lion’s mane, reishi, maitake, chaga and birch polypore mushrooms are infused in maple sap for hours over a wood fire to slowly transform into a super-infused syrup that goes beyond treacle and brings the umami! Plus the bottle is pretty as a picture.


3. HRBLS by Super Natural

Created by herbalist Rachell Robinett for on the go nourishment. These pretty, pocket-sized, plant-based treats are potent. Each chew is infused with a special blend of herbal extracts to calm the nerves or spark energy. A dose of goodness that you can eat as needed.


4. Alexis Smart Flower Remedies

This is the powerful gift of plant medicine. We don't know anyone who isn’t feeling some degree of the blues. Paging Alexis Smart Sunshine! Paging Alexis Smart Sunshine! Sunshine is optimism in a bottle—reconnecting you to life and people, seeing new possibilities, and finding ways out of the blues (And greys. And reds). I mean, what could be a better gift than this?!



1. Bare Hands

Packed in a vegan leather case, The Polisher and Cuticle Oil hydrate, condition cuticles, and add a natural shine—with only the purest ingredients. The Polisher’s glass and mineral blend gently bind keratin cells with no chipping and no dry time needed.


2. Sigil Fragrance

Gift the gift of scent for all. These 100% natural plant oils, absolutes, and tinctures, are gender-neutral fragrances rooted in ancient perfumery techniques and infused with contemporary a edge. Beautifully packaged, in 4 scents varieties for you, your BFF, her partner and their mother.


3. Noto Multi-Benne Stains

This stain is a multi-use color that builds, nourishes, and repairs in a beautiful red hue. For lips, eyes, cheeks... Give the gift of not only beauty, but the ingredients mean it’s also food for the skin and senses. Noto Stains is our favorite shade. 


4. Living Libations Nail Brush

Small but essential, this natural nail brush is especially suitable for caring for your hands and nails. Give yourself a pat on the back for a handy gift.