Summer Staples & Current Fixations

While we are highly anticipating our seasonal skincare roundup from our in-house esthetician Summer Alexander, we got a little antsy to share some of our personal summer staples and fixations that we've been adding into our daily routine to support our individual lifestyles. From skin to pantry items, here's a peek into what we're loving. 

Jelena, owner and founder + licensed acupuncturist, continues to nail the inventory lineup and has recently been diligent about growing our skincare and cosmetic lines (hello Pai Skincare and Vapour Beauty) that deliver to the highest quality. Toxic chemicals found in common skincare, beauty and cosmetic-based products are directly linked to hormone disruption, so it's become non-negotiable to overhaul the modern approach towards treating and healing from the outside in, as much as the inside out. 

Pai Skincare Kukui & Jojoba Bead Skin Brightening Exfoliator | This super gentle exfoliation polish is a micro-bead free formula that's wonderful for all skin types, but especially the most sensitive or delicate skin types. The unique blend of Omegas 3 & 6 in kukui hawaiian oil combine with jojoba beads to gently buff then nourish skin, without irritation. The gel turns into a silky milk as it's massaged on to the skin, focusing on areas of congestion or dryness. 

Pai Skincare Rosehip BioRegenerate Oil | This glow-inducing Pai favorite contains pure rosehip fruit and seed extracts known for their potent skin healing properties. High concentrations of Omegas 3, 6, 7 & 9, plus antioxidant carotenoids help repair and protect the skin against environmental stresses and visible damage. This serum is very lightweight and restores balance to unpredictable skin. 

Maven Made Matcha Scrub | A weekly full-body ritual, this new product in the Maven Made line is a sweet smelling and skin softening favorite. Coconut flakes are added for gentle exfoliation while a unique combination of fatty oils + lemongrass oil naturally clean and soften skin, increase elasticity + support healthy skin cell function.

Sun Potion Green Adaptogen Powder | This herbal signature blend contains suma, maca and chlorella to promote optimal energy while strengthening the immune system. Suma, a Brazilian Root, has been shown to help regulate blood sugar levels, therefore it makes for a wonderful morning tonic when blended with a high quality fat such as coconut butter. 

Allison, Women's Health Specialist + all things content, tends to keep her eyes and palate turned towards hormone-balancing remedies of all forms, however her relationship with her skin has changed dramatically since introducing oil-based products to her daily routine. Limiting her exposure to endocrine-disrupting chemicals found in (most) mass-produced skin care products and cosmetics has been fundamental to her health and something she speaks to clients about in depth.

Living Libations Seabuckthorn Cleanser & Moisturizer | This all-in-one has been a skincare staple, especially with the environmental unpredictability during seasonal transitions. It cleanses, gently exfoliates and moisturizes to revive and clarify daily. A single drop of seabuckthorn oil contains 190 different bioactive compounds, making it incredibly regenerative and complexion clearing while relaxing redness and puffiness. 

Living Libations Open Sky Eye Serum | A brand new addition to the daily routine, this one is highly soothing to tired, puffy eyes. A powerhouse blend of frankincense, peppermint, chamomile, lavender and sweet thyme create a rejuvenating and cooling experience that can be applied to the entire face, not just the eyes, to hydrate and firm.  

La Tierra Sagrada Salt Spray | Not one to indulge in a fancy, multi-step hair care routine, this salt spray has been divine on her much-shorter summertime locks for added texture and body. Sea and mineral salts are combined with rosemary and palo santo essential oils plus ayahuasca vine sacred plant essence (non-hallucinogenic) that together delivers shine and moisture while repairing and protecting the scalp. Really wonderful for those that take a lazy approach to hair maintenance, but want to add some extra oomph in the most high vibe way. 

Leaves & Flowers Rosella Mint Tea | Creating nourishing and cooling herbal infusions with this blend as a base has been an extra measure towards proper hydration throughout the day. Since she's in a heated yoga room a lot, hydrating is especially important, however she's not the best at drinking plain water. Infusing this tea blend with goji berries to chill overnight in the fridge, then adding a splash of rosewater in the morning delivers hydration with tissue-regenerating benefits from the inside out. It's a wonderful PMS tonic as well, as the mint eases pre-menstrual nausea while the addition of rosewater eases uterine spasms.

Irma, our woman of all trades + organizational queen, enjoys an active, outdoors lifestyle approach and favors skin-based products, herbs and supplements that support the body internally and externally. She always has extremely insightful tips and creative product uses that we wouldn't have even thought about, and knows her stuff (the whats, they whys, etc.) when it comes to building an optimal home apothecary.

Living Libations Grapefruit Stellar Renewal | This refreshing and tonifying serum is an ideal choice for hot summer months and humid climates, working to protect skin that's exposed to environmental elements. It contains a wonderful blend of aloe vera, rosehips, calendula, comfrey, seabuckthorn, carrot seed, grapefruit, lemon, tea tree and neroli to deeply cleanse and soothe acne imbalances while improving the appearance of scars and fine lines. It smells divine, glides on very lightweight and quickly absorbs into the skin, making it a summer skincare essential.

Living Libations Everybody Loves The Sunshine | This golden serum is perfect for sun soaking (or sun soaked skin) to deliver deep hydration while harmonizing with the sun's rays to keep skin smooth and glowing. While this does not act as a sunblock, it does contain carrot seed oil that's known to act as a natural sun-protectant/SPF, along with a host of other plant botanicals including rose otto, calendula, chamomile, sandalwood, frankincense, ginger, turmeric, lavender, geranium and palmarosa (a very fragrant and delightful oil that balances blemish prone and dry skin). 

H Is For Love POLLEN Illuminating Mist | A pH balancing skin staple, this luxe facial mist has been a Boketto favorite since day one.  Because the pH of most tap water is more alkaline than the natural pH of facial skin, it is important to re-introduce balance after cleansing, hence POLLEN. Rose hydrosol evens skintone while aloe soothes, in addition to a delicate floral blend of essential oils, skin-softening vegetable glycerine, and just enough witch hazel to provide anti-inflammatory and astringent benefits. Mist on the face morning and night, and any time throughout the day as needed or desired. Setting in the refrigerator to cool adds an additional feel-good effect during summer heatwaves. 

CellFood | This nutrient supplement is a powerful antioxidant containing trace minerals, trace enzymes, and trace amino acids that helps to fight free radicals in the body, detoxify, balance pH, and enhance athletic performance. The recommended dosage can be dropped into a full glass or purified water and sipped on throughout the day to ensure optimal absorption, especially when taken consistently.