From the Archive: Rituals Inspired by the Scents of Spring

From the Archive is a micro-series feat. past Journal entries we believe deserve another spot in the light.

Today on The Journal, we’re highlighting some of our favorite scents that remind of us of warmer, longer days spent in nature and the rituals inspired by them. This variety scents can be found in products throughout Boketto to help awaken, enliven, energize, or simply support ease. Whether it’s a natural face mist to cool the skin after heat exposure or an essential oil blend to diffuse in the home while performing routine cleaning, we recommend exposing the body to the essences of this plant magic to promote a more sustainable internal and external environment— for yourself, and for this planet. - ARW

Fresh booms, soft breezes, and the warmth of the sun on the skin— those subtle signs of spring that engage the senses and uplift the spirit. Specifically, the role that scent plays in our daily rituals is important to overall wellbeing, and the benefits we receive from rich plant oils this time of year are boundless— from regulating hormones to decreasing anxiety and inflammation.

As we transition seasons, our rituals may also evolve to support the changes that are felt internally— such as increased hydration to keep skin well moisturized and supple; and light, crisp foods to ease digestion, cleanse the liver, and balance the body after winter’s abundance. And many times, it is the sense of scent that can make or break our enjoyment and indulgence of these rituals.


A comforting scent in the citrus family that’s lovely for unwinding after a long day. Known to relieve symptoms of depression and anxiety, lower blood pressure, alleviate pain, boost skin health, and aid digestion.

Found: La Lyra, Desert Bloom Botanical Liquid Soap

Ritual: Cleanse and soak in a hot mineral bath during your menstrual cycle or for daily use in the shower for its universally pleasing aromatics.



Invigorating and revitalizing, this herbal essential oil is known to improve respiratory conditions and seasonal allergies, alleviate headaches and improve earaches, reduce pain and inflammation, and aid in wound care.

Found: Vitruvi, Eucalyptus Organic Chinese Essential Oil
Ritual: Dilute this essential oil with a neutral oil when using during bathing, or when putting on pulse points before drifting off to sleep. Place a few drops on the floor of your shower for an aromatic steam.



Fresh, citrus notes that brighten the body and energize the mind. Works as a natural antibacterial agent, helps to relieve hangover symptoms and reduce sugar cravings, boosts circulation and reduces inflammation, aids digestion, and naturally boosts energy and mood.

Found: Vitruvi, Boost Essential Oil Diffuser Blend
Ritual: Diffuse essential oil blend when cleaning the home, or with the windows open during breezy spring days to purify and “change the air”



A romantic, floral essence that's very rejuvenating to the skin and senses. Known to increase alertness and energy, reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety, support restful sleep, and reduce menopausal symptoms and PMS cramps.

Found:  Bodha, Purify Smokeless Incense
Ritual: Burn incense to create a subtle background scent in home spaces, and to purify the air. Also ideal to bring during travel and getaways to introduce soft scents in new and unfamiliar spaces.

Found: La LyraLovers Nourishing Bar Soap
Ritual: Keep the hand soap in your bathroom, washroom, or kitchen for daily use, and ian mmediate sense of calm.



Stimulating yet cooling, this essential oil is ideal for balancing excess heat during the warmer months and to help promote deep breathing. Also improves energy, sleep and concentration, relieves seasonal allergies, nausea and menstrual cramps, and eases bloat when taken internally.

Found: Nucifera, The Mist Moisturizing Spray
Ritual: Spray face and body with The Mist for an instant refresh, especially after rigorous exercise or when the skin is exposed to the sun for lengths of time. Don’t forget the temples and even the bottoms of your feet for an invigorating and cooling effect.

Found: La Lyra, Moon Shadow Nourishing Bar Soap
Ritual: Keep the hand soap in your bathroom, washroom, or kitchen for gentle but deep cleansing.



Exotic, feminine and romantic, this essential oil promotes calm and creates a lovely floral oasis. Also acts an anti-depressant and contains anti-inflammatory properties; a known aphrodisiac, antiseptic, sedative, and nervine.

Found: Vitruvi, Quiet Essential Oil Diffuse Blend
Ritual: Diffuse essential oil blend during quiet moments of solitude, or to promote an easeful night’s sleep


Originally written by Allison Ryan Walton [5/2019]