Pressing Ingredients Into Skin

Your skin is an incredibly delicate organ, and the way you treat it matters.

Rubbing cause an inflammatory response underneath, which, when applying skincare, not only aggravates conditions like rosacea and cystic acne, but signals your sympathetic nervous system (fight or flight) when applying medicinal herbal compresses or body oil.

Pressing is a kindness to yourself, and makes whatever you apply to skin (head-to-toe), more effective! 

Why “pressing” is beneficial
  1. Enhanced penetration: Pressing ingredients into the skin helps them penetrate deeper into the epidermis, the outermost layer of the skin. Gentle pressure can facilitate the ingredients' absorption, allowing them to reach the underlying layers of skin— and in the case of herbal compresses, the muscle— where they can be more effective.

  2. Improved blood circulation: Massaging or pressing the skin stimulates blood flow to the area, which can enhance the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the skin cells. This increased circulation can help nourish the skin and promote a healthier complexion.

  3. Enhanced adherence: When you press ingredients into your skin, they are more likely to adhere and stay in place. This is particularly beneficial for leave-on products like moisturizers, serums, or treatments that you want to remain on the skin for an extended period. Pressing them in can help ensure better product retention.

  4. Relaxation and stress relief: Applying gentle pressure can also provide a soothing and relaxing experience. It can help relieve muscle tension and promote a sense of well-being, making it extra effective when using herbal compresses.

Three products to “press”

Herbal Compress
Hand-wrapped Herbal Compresses are a physical therapy tool from traditional Thai medicine to quickly ease the body, soothe the mind, and address ailments. These bundles of steamed herbs are a feature during Pasha Kat Yuen's body treatments, and available in Thai Blend (detoxifying), and Boketto Blend (warming).

PRO TIP: Thai Blend herbal compress is beneficial to induce milk production in postpartum mothers with problems to secrete milk. 


Dermal Nectar Body Oil
The La Lyra line of body oils are infused with herbs specifically blended to target what you need. 
Choose between three Dermal Nectar Body Oil varieties: Circadian: intended to boost energy and offer emotional support. Soothe: provides pain relief for muscles, joints, and nerves. Sleep: calms tension and releases worry. 

PRO TIP: Gentle pressure in a circular direction helps topical creams absorb and stimulates lymphatic circulation, clearing toxins faster. 


Multi-Retinol Night Emulsion
This unique combination of encapsulated retinol, retinyl sunflowerseedate, and bakuchiol works synergistically to deliver a more intelligent and comprehensive way to address aging. Multi-Retinol Night Emulsion by Marie Veronique is a creamy, luxe night treatment addresses and heals the declining function that is characteristic of aging skin.  

PRO TIP: The goal with skincare products is always to get them to penetrate deeper within the skin. Use an alcohol-free toner before applying your serum or moisturizer to allow for that damp skin effect.