DIY Services for When You’re in a Pinch


A natural mani-pedi can be a welcome break from polish, and it’s also a vibe. Maybe you don't like the maintenance, or simply prefer the look of unpolished nails. Whatever the reason, our DIY maintains the tips of your fingers and toes to serve a clean, healthy and chic look. 

  1. Remove polish if you are wearing any ;-)
  2. Skip the soak. "Water depletes natural fats in the nail keratin," says Suzanne Shade, founder of nail-care brand Bare Hands. Rather, smoothe feet & hands can be achieved with an exfoliating mitt, scrub or use a stone for extra rough areas.
  3. Trim nails a tiny bit longer than your desired length. Then shape with a 180-grit emery board or glass file
  4. Cuticles seal out bacteria, so cutting them too deeply opens the door to infection, and also signals trauma to the body, triggering thick regrowth. Instead, soften cuticles with cream or oil, then push cuticles back (gently!) with a polisher. If you must, only nip hangnails.
  5. Shine your nails with a polisher followed by a nutrient-rich oil, and seal in moisture using The Balm by Nucifera on the entirety of feet & hands— forearms and calves love some moisture, too.

Shop the Bare Hands Manicure Kit with a polishing stone, cuticle stick and nutrient-rich oil. 


There's nothing like getting your hair washed, brushed and fondled— and we would know… our Hair & Scalp Treatment is a very popular service. Bring this service home, and improve the healthy look and feel of your hair and scalp. You’ll need:

Exfoliate with Apple Cider Vinegar. Apple Cider Vinegar or ACV is rich in vitamins and minerals vital to the health and strength of your hair, such as vitamin C and B. Additionally, it contains alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs) which can help exfoliate your scalp and skin. Finally, ACV is also said to be anti-inflammatory and can aid in reducing dandruff. Simply mix 1/2c distilled water with 1/8 cup of ACV and following shampooing, shake the bottle, spray the ACV rinse all over wet hair, and work through from roots to ends. Rinse out and let hair air dry. The ACV scent shouldn’t be noticeable at all. With continued use, hair will be revitalized into smooth, shiny locks.

Strengthen Hair & Scalp. Improve scalp health, encourage growth, moisturize scalp & hair, balance oil production, and prevent early graying with an oil + massage designed for hair & scalp health. Apply a dropper-full of Boketto LAB Hair + Scalp Oil to the scalp and another to the ends of hair. Additionally, you can massage with a Healthy Hair Brush. Wash the next morning if needed. PS. Applying oil to one’s scalp can be nourishing for the nervous system and may help decrease anxiety.

Face & Body

A mini-spa day can happen in 30 minutes (really!) via a bath with benefits:

  1. Draw a bath. Fill bath with not too hot water plus 1-3 cups of Magnesium Flakes. As the bath fills…
  2. Dry Exfoliate Body. Before stepping in the tub, with an Exfoliating Towel or Ionic Body Brush, sweep the entirety of your body moving from the extremities towards the heart. Top to bottom, front and back. Avoid your face, unless the tool you’re using is gentle for facial skin. Our downloadable ebook, How to Dry Brush, is free.
  3. Exfoliate Face. With a combination of lactic, salicylic, and glycolic acid Moss Morning Peels provides gentle exfoliation while hyaluronic acid provides a feeling of intense moisture.
  4. Nourish Face. Generously apply the serum or moisturizer of choice, and seal it via a Reusable Face Mask. Or grab an Amatta Biodegradable Gel Sheet Mask
  5. Bath time! Check the temp of the bath, adjust accordingly, and step in. Let your mind wander, notice your breathe, admire your body. Soak it all in.
  6. Then let it go. Remain in the bath as it drains. Whatever it is you want to let go of, imagine it going down the drain.
  7. Dry off. Vigorously or with loving pats, dry yourself to 95% completeness.
  8. Seal in moisture. With a rich lotion or oil, massage your skin, head to toe. Wrap yourself in a robe.
  9. Cheers! Make a cup of tea or brew a tonic. Read a book or head to your bed for sleep.