Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Mother’s Day is around the corner. We may know her as Mom, Mama, Mother, Guardian, Caretaker, Mentor, Friend, or Companion. With many meanings, and many forms, the archetype of Mother is a powerful, varied, force of nature in our lives. She is why we exist, after all.

Mother's Day is a time to honor that archetypal Mother. Give a gift to the Mother in your life from the carefully curated collection of some of our favorite springtime gifts.

For the mom celebrating this Mother’s Day with a newborn…

Whether you’re looking for the first time Mom, who is learning as she goes, or for the mother with a newborn in addition to her other children...this Mother’s Day give her a little extra love and support, because man, having a newborn is a full-time (and then some) job.

We love gifting La Lyra Body Oil, for a delicious moment to herself (and works to soothe the effects pregnancy has on the body - eh-hem, stretch marks). A Gua Sha kit can help soothe and give a little love to skin, while cult-favorite book The First 40 Days, is a beautiful guide through postpartum with modern wisdom and nourishing recipes.

For the mom who legit loves flowers for Mother’s Day but you want to up the ante...

Look, there’s a reason that flowers have become a staple. It’s spring, and hell, who doesn’t want to add a little brightness from the outdoors to the indoors. But just because we’re flower focused, doesn’t mean we can’t still get creative. Give your mom a Sssssecret Flowers Bouquet from our favorite flower gals in Richmond, Sigil Natural Genderless Fragrance, or Living Libations Best Ever Rose Oil (flowers in oil form is pure delight!).

For the mom who believes self-care is a state of mind, body & spirit...

Mothers carry around a lot of wisdom. It’s important to honor the mind, body, and spirit and she knows it. We love Crown Serum from Aba Apothecary to help connect, Attar Luxe Face Cream for a deluxe at-home facial experience, and the Cristalline Crystal Face Rollers (rose quartz has big heart energy!).

For the mom who’s hard to shop for, despite being easy to love....

Give her a gift without having to make her lie about loving it. We’re here to make it really easy, with gifts that any mother (or really anyone!) would love. For your mom we love the Wax Apple Massage Tools (the comb or jade knob are two thumbs up), Willow Knows Eye Pillow for a moment of relaxation all to herself, and Bodha Incense and holder for a touch of sensorial elegance.

For the mom who is planning to travel travel travel when this whole thing is over

Have a mother who is constantly on the go? We envy her. Hopefully soon travel will be in our futures, but until then, we can travel by way of delicious scents and products. For your passport carrying mom we love our very own The Oil, an oil with delicious and intentional ingredients, Hinoki Yuzu candle & soap for relaxation and delight, and Turkish Towels to really upscale the bathing experience or poolside lounge.