Microcurrent at Boketto

Microcurrent is the #1 service at Boketto and that’s because the results are incredible! Now, a good thing is getting even better. We’re thrilled to share that we have a NEW, even better, Microcurrent machine and to celebrate.

Wondering What is a Microcurrent Facial



Prolong or avoid a face lift. Microcurrent technology helps tone and tighten damaged skin; reduce fine lines, wrinkles, and creases; lift sagging jaw lines; and widen the eyes by lifting the brows and tightening eyelids. Microcurrent is a low level electric current that matches your body’s own natural electric currents. It has been used in the medical field for over 60 years.

All Microcurrent services use the Neurotris SX3800— considered one of the most advanced microcurrent machines on the market— paired with Marie Veronique’s clean, super-hydrating, microbiome-friendly gel.

Your first appointment is 60 mins, with follow-ups 45 mins. BOOK NOW.



As we mentioned, microcurrent is a popular service because it performs. Now, with the Neurotris SX3800, our practitioners can achieve superior results for you. Most notably, the proprietary waveform technology is designed to optimize cellular communication, which helps to enhance the overall effectiveness of the treatment. Boketto is the only place in Richmond with the Neurotris SX3800, and with our experienced practitioners, Heather and Anne, you’re in very good hands. 



We often get asked how many sessions are needed to see results. With the Neurotris SX3800, come two recommended treatment protocols: For those in their 20/30s six treatments, once a week, are encouraged. Clients 40 and older require ten treatments, once a week. After that, maintaining results is achieved with 1 treatment a month, for all. Of course, these are general suggestions. Together with your practitioner, you’ll develop a protocol that works with your current skin condition and desired goals.



As we mentioned, your first Microcurrent session is 60-mins, with follow-ups being 45-min. When you purchase a Series of 6 or Series of 10 Package, you save 15% over purchasing sessions individually. Series of 6, $503 (reg $570); and with the new machine protocols we added a Series of 10, $838 (reg $950). As always, gratuity is included. Packages can be purchase at the shop or via phone, 804-354-6707.