Menopause Empowerment (& Sleep)

Menopause experiences are varied and individualized, and are often precipitated by a healing crisis related to perimenopause. Boketto’s in-house Naturopath, Dr. Cope wrote about the Perimenopase Passage for Boketto’s Journal, hereToday we’re sharing more about the newest additions to Dr. Cope’s own Copesthetic Health line: Menopause Empowerment and Menopause Sleep.

A Right of Passage

Perimenopause is a right of passage that is no easy feat to walk. Some women pass through, merely symptomless, others ride a roller coaster of pain with sex, vaginal dryness, hot flashes, sleep disruption and more.

That’s where Copesthetic Health tinctures come in.

The Menopause Empowerment formula is designed with Dong Quai as the star, one of Chinese medicine’s primary uterine “tonic.” Angelica Sinensis, or Dong Quai, is believed to increase metabolism of the uterus and ovaries, this is likely due to both increased blood flow and herbal constituent delivery of dong quai. Because Dong Quai is such a great sensitizer for the uterus, this herbal medicine is often used for PMS, cramps, menopause symptoms, and for infertility.  

Dong Quai contains ferulic acid, which helps relieve pain, inflammation and is antispasmodic in smooth muscle. Smooth muscle includes the uterus, heart and blood vessels.  

Menopause Sleep relies on motherwort, designed to help relax and calm. In the herbal world she is known as a “hypotensive nervine.” What this physically feels like in your body is being able to take deep breaths and soothe a quick beating heart. Also, if you are suffering from PMS, cramps, or nervous tension before your irregular periods, (or that time you think you are about to get your period and nothing comes!), motherwort will be your best friend. 

There may be more herbal compliments for working with Menopause expressions— such as black cohosh, bioidentical hormones, and anti-inflammatory foods. Regardless, if you add to your regimen or not, the herbs in these two formulas are combined with love to hold you through each day as you move into your wise woman space.

Image by Marta Pucci