How to Choose the Right Scent for “Mom”

Mom, Mama, Mother, Guardian, Caretaker, Mentor, Friend, Companion, Mothers Day is a time to honor that archetypal mother (in the many forms she takes). 

It can feel intimidating to choose scent as a gift for someone (or online from descriptions alone). But it doesn't have to be this way. When in doubt, we like to look to the stars… urrr, moon.

When it comes to one’s astrology natal chart, every celestial body influences a different aspect of your personality and wiring. While your sun sign helps shape your sense of self and core identity, your moon sign guides how you feel and intuit. This inner emotional compass, your moon sign, also influences the experiences, people, and material items in life that offer you a sense of security.

Getting gifts for someone using their moon sign hits deep. And why we suggest La Lyra for the Mother in your life. Their Mood Mist and Natural Roll-on Perfume are Boketto Customer favorites and formulated by Suzy Brockmann to tap into the collective memory-scape and lived human experiences via our sense of smell. Our wee guide below will help you find a simpatico scent when shopping for someone else— or when you’re not able to sniff a scent for yourself.

OH! If you don’t know your/their moon sign, you can use this online calculator to pinpoint where it was at time of birth. You’ll need to know birth date, birth place and birth time to use. 

If your Moon Sign is...


Mood Mist → Invoke  Virginia Cedar + Ylang Yang
Natural Perfume → Glow  Clove + Patchouli


Mood Mist → Enchant  Lavender + Rose
Natural Perfume → Mystical Muse  Rose + Amber


Mood Mist → Enchant  Lavender + Rose
Natural Perfume → Yin  White Sage + Lavender


Mood Mist → Awaken  Marjoram + Eucalyptus
Natural Perfume → Celestial Secret  Clary Sage + Rosemary


Mood Mist → Visions  Neroli + Sweet Orange
Natural Perfume → Ease  Jasmine + Frankincense


Mood Mist → Whole Earth  Rosemary + Amber
Natural Perfume → Center  Vetiver + Camomile 


Mood Mist → Soft Healer  Cinnamon + Tangerine
Natural Perfume → Telepathic Child  Bergamot + Black Pepper


Mood Mist → Ground  Patchouli + Myrrh
Natural Perfume → Echos  Cypress + Sandalwood


Mood Mist → Cosmic Dreamer  Clary Sage + Holy Basil
Natural Perfume → Ashes of Knowledge  Neroli + Palo Santo


Mood Mist→ Whole Earth  Rosemary + Amber
Natural Perfume → Celestial Secret  Clary Sage + Rosemary


Mood Mist → Cleanse  Palo Santo + Sage
Natural Perfume → Yang  Peppermint + Cedar


Mood Mist  Mind’s Eye  Sandalwood + Benzoin 
Natural Perfume  Center  Vetiver + Camomile 


Want to learn more about your Sun/Moon/Rising and beyond… Boketto Shop Girl extraordinaire, Christina Lyon, Founder of Lua Astrology, is opening up her books, soon. DM Christina at @lua-astrology