Father’s Day Gifs

We may know him as Dad, Papa, Father, Guardian, Caretaker, Mentor, Friend, or The Dude. With many meanings, and many forms, the archetype of Father is a powerful, varied, force of nature in our lives.

Father’s Day is around the corner and it can be hard to know what to get 'em. Our Father’s Day Collection is tight, but also runs the gamut. If you need a little more help, below are some GIFS that we believe can point you in the right direction. Pick his type and then click BUY NOW.

We gift wrap and ship, and are here to make suggestions if you’re stumped or want to meet a budget— modest to no holds barred. Let us know how we can help.



The Dude

Supernatural HRBLS
100% natural - these plant-based, portable gummies, are made for folks who want herbs that can keep up— even when that means chillin’. This modern, natural treatment is packaged to impress. Easy on the eyes, straightforward, and effective. BUY NOW »

We recommend making it a whole vibe with a Girlboy T-Shirt.


Here Comes the Groom

Fur Shave Cream
Some would call him Metrosexual, we just say he privileges self care. Take his shaving game up a notch with this moisturizing shave cream has a satin soft finish and a whipped, featherlight texture, for fewer ingrowns, bumps, and irritation. For anywhere and everywhere, including pubic area, underarms, chest, legs and face.  BUY NOW »

We recommend making it the perfect trio with a Shave Prep + Wash, and Finishing Oil.

Karaoke King

Turkish Towels
The life of the party needs a place to decompress, or let their freak flag fly. After shower shenanigans, they'll love you for getting them this absorbent, light, generous towel— that stays on when you turn it in around your waist. BUY NOW »

We recommend pairing this gift with these special Korean Hand & Body Soap.



Whole Bean Coffee
Alive with flavor, Tolima Especial by Canyon Coffee has a sweet, clear flavor while maintaining a creamy body. BUY NOW »

We recommend pairing their new favorite coffee with a new ceramic mug.