College Ready

Know someone headed to college this fall?

The excitement about this new chapter in their life can get mixed up with big emotions. Especially for parents and siblings of the student heading off.

One thing that can ease frayed nerves is putting together a small but mighty apothecary that they can turn to when feeling under the weather, needing more energy or rest, and even having that extra bar of soap because they left theirs in the shower and (surprise!) it went missing. Knowing they have what they need is peace of mind for you, and the first step in their growing independence.

We collected not-so-obvious items you can send with them, for their well-being and yours, as they pack for the dorms!

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Knowing they’re protecting their mental health will never not be a parental concern.
 It might be too much to expect your student to take a high-performing daily probiotic, but research does support a strong gut biome does wonders for our mind— they’re more likely to take a tasty daily “gummy”. Supernatural HRBLS makes a sugar-free herbal chew in two student-friendly formulas: Nerve Less is a soothing herbal blend that provides a dose of peace, while Everyday Endurance delivers potent energy + metabolism support for daily vitality.


Another challenge when living in dorms is being well rested and practicing good “sleep hygiene.” Studies show that a good night’s sleep lets them live your best life during the day— physically, emotionally and intellectually. 

Sharing a dorm room means negotiating living styles with roommates. An eye mask gives a total blackout experience— making it the best ally for when your student needs to switch off and rest in absolute comfort. Think midday naps, or tuning out a roomie’s late night study session. Adding Magnesium Lotion to the mix can help the body relax, anytime of day.


What is it about dorm rooms that make them smell bad. Windows that don’t open, laundry piling up, wet towels, and other factors like open bags of Takis. Candles and incense are usually not allowed in dorm rooms, and that’s where Soft Healer Mood Mist by La Lyra does a great job at disinfecting and up-lifting with cinnamon + tangerine. Electric Diffusers are also allowed! We suggest whatever diffuser you chose, to pair it with Vitruvi Legacy Essential Oil Blend. The scent is grounding and balanced with top notes of Rose and Bergamot and bottom notes of Frankincense and Cedarwood.


Not being sick. It’s #goals. Their knowing when to nip illness in the bud is key to avoiding or reducing the time you are laid up. Getting in front of cold and flu are helped with Lypo-Spheric Vitamin-C. If a bug is going around, preemptively take a packet a day— and when under the weather take 2-3 to quickly put being under the weather in the rear view window. Fat of the Land’s Throat, Lung & Cough Tonic is a respiratory blend that replicates our ecosystems’ natural processes of purification. Taken daily it help bolster the immune system in challenging times, COVID to allergies.

PS. A fresh packet of single-use, medical face masks (40% off) are never a bad idea to have on hand, and if they look good, too, all the better!

PPS. Hegu Acupuncture Rings (also 40% off), and are what we think of as the strongest, multi-purpose tool you can have in your apothecary. Well, plus a probiotic. And...