Chocolate Chaga Shroom Shake

With warmer temperatures showing their face, we’ve been craving more chilled morning lattes and energizing shakes to re-hydrate and balance the onset of excessive heat in the body. But to be honest, we’re not the biggest fans of cold smoothies because of the dampening effect they can have on digestion and reproductive function. We’re human — we love cold things when it’s hot, and love our convenient morning smoothies, but have found over time that they can sit like sludge in the body if these frozen concoctions are consumed in excess. In search of something that satisfied our taste and high standards, we got a little creative in the process and finally nailed this recipe; and now we’re hooked.

We keep it slightly sweet and interesting by blending in some of our favorite raw honey, plus potassium-rich dried currants and fibrous, creamy coconut puree. The result is a luscious and energizing banana-free smoothie that swoons all the senses and leaves the body and mind completely nourished.

So, what are the primers that make this golden shroom shake so incredibly amazing?

LAKA LIVING CHOCOLATE CHAGA PROTEIN, a Cannabis (hemp) and Super Shroom based chocolate protein powder that’s rich in amino acids, minerals, and contains no added sugars. Truly, it’s unlike any other plant-based protein out there, in our humble and honest opinion. We have been longtime fans of their plant-based drips, and plan to carry their plant-based protein very soon, so stay tuned.

LOVE POTION BY H IS FOR LOVE, an exclusive cacao + adaptogen blend by Bee Simmonds of H Is For Love that has struck gold among her loyal customers, fans, and followers. We don’t have the full ingredient profile on hand, but there isn’t a thing that Bee has not thought of that goes into this incredibly invigorating blend. If you can get your hands on some, then consider yourself lucky.

COUNTERTOP FOODS HAPPY HONEY, an adaptogen filled raw honey to relieve stress and promote calm — including a touch of cloves, cacao, saffron, turmeric, cinnamon, cardamom, vanilla, nutmeg, tulsi, he shou wu, and rhodiola. The host of spices provides such a nice nutritional and flavor profile that complements the sweetness of the raw honey and dried currants.

Plus a few extra golden pantry staples, follow our recipe below and adapt as necessary to satisfy your personal taste and nourishment preferences.


2 tbsp Laka Living Chaga Chocolate Protein

1/4 tsp Love Potion, an exclusive blend by H Is For Love (in lieu, add a touch of raw cacao and your favorite adaptogens)

1/2 tbsp Countertop Foods Happy Honey

1 tbsp tahini (or favorite nut/seed butter)

1 cup plant-based milk

handful of dried currants, or 2 medjool dates

frozen, unsweetened pureed coconut (we recommend running this under hot water or thawing for a bit before blending in)

Combine all ingredients into a high-speed blender and blend on high until well combined. Be sure to pulse a few extra times to make sure the dried currants work their way in! Serve chilled and enjoy.