A Sweet Springtime Yoga Practice

According to traditional Chinese medicine, meridians are the channels that regulates Qi— pronounced “chee”— through all parts of the body for optimal functioning. Meridian Yoga works with this (seasonal) system via simple but effective asanas that support physical flow of Qi to eliminate blockages of specific meridian groups throughout the body.

With spring comes transition and renewal, expansion and emergence. New growth, new buds and little sprouts are poking up. Springtime also invites cleansing and detoxing. We open the windows, breathe in the fresh air and hear the return of bird songs... 

Olivia Yohai is a Massage Therapist and Yoga Teacher and created a few sweet yoga sequences for Boketto intended to energize and detox.

Things to keep in mind:

  • The gifs are not suggesting pace, don’t feel compelled to keep up! Rather, synchronize breath and movement during these gentle flow sequences, with smooth, full inhales and complete exhales.
  • According to Chinese medicine, the inner and outer legs relate to the liver and gallbladder meridians. Poses that help activate these meridians include: opening up the rib cage/intercostal muscles, wide leg forward folds, Garudasana and Gomukhasana. All featured in Olivia’s practice below.
  • Twists are thought to be detoxifying. They aid in digestion and stimulate liver, spleen and kidneys, which helps with the removal of waste from your body. Again, Olivia shares this, too, below.
  • Finish your practice with Savansana for as long as you’d like, but 5-minutes is a good amount of time for a morning practice.


A wee Sun Salute

A full Sun Salutation is always good medicine, and so is this deceptively energizing vinyassa to warm up the entire body. Like Spring, reflects the return of the sun.

  1. Start in Tadasana/Mountain Pose
  2. Inhale - Upward Hand Pose
  3. Exhale - Standing Forward Fold Pose
  4. Inhale - Rise through Upward Hand Pose to a small standing heart opener
  5. Exhale - Hands on lower back, using shoulder blades, direct heart towards ceiling
  6. [ spend a few breaths here ]
  7. Inhale - Return to Tadasana

Repeat 3-5x


A Low Heart Opener

Bring the energy of Spring’s awakening with low heart opener— and a twist!

  1. Start in Tadasana/Mountain Pose
  2. Inhale - Upward Hand Pose
  3. Exhale - Standing Forward Fold Pose
  4. Inhale - Low lunge 
  5. Exhale - Root knee
  6. Inhale - Kneeling heart opener with hands on hips
  7. Exhale - Twist toward bent knee
  8. Inhale - Low Lunge
  9. Exhale - Low Lunge Forward Fold
  10. Inhale - Table Top
  11. Exhale - Flow through to Baby Cobra
  12. Inhale - Baby Cobra / Cobra
  13. Exhale - Downward Dog
  14. [ spend a few breaths bending/straightening knees ]
  15. Inhale - Flow to Low Lunge with opposite leg
  16. Exhale - Low Lunge
  17. Inhale - Return to Tadasana

Repeat, alternating legs, 3-5x


Awaken the Side body

Make space for the lungs and optimal breathing while tonifying the gallbladder meridian with a variety of side stretches.

  1. Start with the wee forward fold, into plank, then table top
  2. Inhale - Bring leg to a 90° angle - rooting outer edge of your foot fully on floor
  3. Exhale - Bring hips back into child's pose while keeping leg extended
  4. [ spend a few breaths here ]
  5. Inhale - Table top with leg extended 
  6. Exhale - Swing extended leg behind you to opposite side, look at foot creating a long line ear to toe
  7. Inhale - Bend extended leg to tuck knees together 
  8. Exhale - Sit back in Gomukhasana, for more ease, use a block or blanket to sit on.
  9. Inhale - Raise both arms up over hear
  10. Exhale - One hand to floor while reaching over in a side stretch with the other
  11. Inhale - Raise both arms up over hear
  12. Exhale - Opposite hand to floor while reaching over in a side stretch with the other

Repeat, on other side, 3-5x

Seal the Practice

In addition to meridian work, the nerves around the spinal cord and the brain get activated during the above 3 flows. A critical piece in integrating the practice is sealing the practice on your back and ending in Savasana. With each of the below movements, pause for a few breaths.

  1. Start on your back
  2. Bring both knees to chest and give them a hug
  3. Release arms release them to a “T” shape
  4. Gently drop both knees to one side of your body, keeping your upper back and shoulders rooted to the floor
  5. Turn your head in the opposite direction
  6. Repeat 4 & 5 on opposite side 
  7. With both knees bent towards chest, reach for outer edge of feet (or back of thighs) in Happy Baby pose
  8. Release feet to floor
  9. Extend legs, let feet fall naturally outward, and place hands on your belly
  10. When you're ready release back of hands to the floor
  11. While in Savasana revel in how you feel, mind, body and spirit.