A Short Guide to Ear Seeds | Plant the Seed

The Points:

Shenmen (Spirit Gate): located in the pelvic bowl region of the ear, this point pulls the wandering, anxious, and worried mind back in to the body and roots it in our lower jiao (area below the belly button). From this grounded energetic stance, we are more connected to our inner-truth and less distracted and overwhelmed by outside noise.

Diaphragm: Points along the diaphragm zone in the ear relate to the organs of digestion and detoxification (liver, spleen, gallbladder, and stomach + intestines). When stressed, the diaphragm tightens up. Our breath becomes shallow, we can experience gas/bloating/heartburn/sensitive and irritable bowels, and emotionally we may feel more tense and on edge. Increasing free-flow in the diaphragmatic region calms the “fight or flight” and encourages the “rest and digest.”

Chest Center: the points that connect to the heart and lungs are found in this area of the ear. When energy is bound in this area we can feel tight and rounded shoulders, heart palpitations/pains, anxiety/insomnia, and like we can’t get a good breath in. When energy is low in this area we can feel fatigued, depressed, and uninspired. As our lungs breathe in energy and our heart communes with Spirit, we want to facilitate a spacious and open sanctuary in our chest for this to take place. Think, heart opening stretches/postures/poses...in your ear.

This point combination creates an almost vertical line down the center of your ear, from top to bottom, mirroring the engagement this treatment has on harmonizing the Qi-energy of the upper, middle, and lower body. Harmonized Qi-energy means increased resilience to stress, which is always lovely...especially during the holidays.

Acupressure is provided by 12K gold plated metal beads, with or without the adornment of a clear Swarovski crystal, at your choosing. The clear tape adhesive that holds the beads in place is both glue and latex free. Treatments last 4-7 days.