A Boketto Moment with Zoey of Five Seasons TCM

We sat down *virtually* with Zoey of Five Seasons TCM to talk about body awareness, finding peace through herbalism, and the magic of crafting a wholesome dish for the whole family. 

Tell us a little bit about yourself!

I’m a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) chef and nutritionist from Shanghai, China. I live in New York now and I founded Five Seasons TCM in 2021.

What do you love to do?
Cooking, reading, painting, traveling, and definitely eating good food. 

How did you come to create Five Seasons TCM?
I want to provide a modern, informative, and beautiful platform for people to learn about TCM food therapy and have access to high-quality herbs that they can cook or make tea with. 

What do you hope people experience using the Five Seasons TCM line?
I hope they can find peace when they are brewing our tonic. It is not an immediate process like granulated extracts. I  hope they can feel closer to nature by being able to see and touch the herbs. I hope they can become more aware of their body and notice the changes these herbs can bring to their body. 

If you could have a tea or take a Boketto moment (a moment of daydreaming and of rest) with any person dead or alive who would it be?
My boyfriend

What kind of tea would you have?
Pu’er with osmanthus flower

What does a moment of rest, recharging, or nourishment look like for you?
Have my total focus on making a wholesome dish with wholesome ingredients for me and my family, and then eat it together 

What's something you want people to know about you that I wouldn’t think to ask?
My dream job is a Chinese antique dealer. I love vodka. I’m launching a minimalistic jade jewelry brand @xinyijade soon!

Sun/Rising/Moon sign?
I’m a Pisces, with a Gemini moon and Cancer rising. 

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