The first thing to know about a Biologique Recherche facial is this: it’s a pampering treatment powered by the science. Since 1970, the French brand has created a dynamic line of products, that allows for highly-personalized treatment and proven results. It’s what’s catapulted them into cult-status.

Once your Skin Instant (dermo-cosmetic analysis) is determined, we’re best able to diagnose your skin conditions and recommend which Biologique Recherche products to use, in treatment and at home.

To demystify and illuminate, here are a few “BR” terms you should know:

Our BR Glossary is ever expanding, let us know if there is something you want explained further.



Phonetically, Biologique Recherche is pronounced: b-o-LOW-jheek RUH-share-shh. You will see us refer to the brand, services, and products in the French— but also more colloquially as “BR” (bee-are). Feel free to use whichever version, whatever your mood.


Skin Instant
This first stage of the Biologique Recherche Methodology is identifying your Skin Instant©. Some locations use a machine to gather this info, at Boketto, your five measurements (hydration, insensible water loss, elasticity, pigmentation, sebumetry) are determined via Intake Forms, conversation and visual analysis. Your Skin Instant is a personalized skincare prescription tailored to your specific needs, including recommended products and usage instructions.

Book a Biologique Recherche Consultation with us, or alternately, you can book a virtual consultation with Biologique Recherche and share your Skin Instant with us at your first appointment. Your Skin Instant is a snapshot in time, and changes in response to your lifestyle, climate, diet… so with any change in these elements, a new, more apt Skin Instant is recommended.


Sublimation (Sebmetry)

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Biologique Recherche has a world class reputation for their clinical approach to skincare and treatments. The effectiveness is based on their clinical and personalized approach to skin care using highly concentrated, pure, raw active ingredients. At Boketto we offer seven Co-factors, targeted boosters with high concentration of vitamin, mineral, botanical, marine and biological extracts. For even more visible results, we suggest you finish off your treatment with a pre-formed mask (Biologique Féérie, Biovecteur Marin, Collagène Caviar, Masque Pigm 400 or Patchs Défatigants Yeux) that follows the contours of the face to deliver a targeted and intensive treatment. 



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RMF (Remodling Face)
RMF is an advanced bioelectric treatment that combines the power of three currents (galvanic, medium and high frequency). To optimize the results of BR treatments RMF can be added for immediate and long-lasting results. At Boketto, we use the Neutrosis XS3800 Microcurrent SystemThe power in the SX3800 is not matched in any other machine on the market.


Cryo-Sticks were designed to provide a cooling effect, in case the skin reacts with redness during a treatment. Cryo-Sticks are chilled so they store up a maximum amount of coolness, which then soothes the skin on contact throughout the treatment.