Not Just the Pantry

We asked Team Boketto to share where their favorites shop picks show up around their homes. The result is a refreshing, un-staged look at how we live— and live well.

No one puts Tinctures in the corner! That’s reserved for Anima Mundi adaptogens.

Cooling Pure Bulgarian Rose Water, chillin’ in the fridge with friends tomatoes and Tamari.

When we last saw Brightland Balsamic Vinegar, she was waiting patiently for a full bread basket.

(Good) Morning Jing + Coconut Cream are pitch-perfect backup singers to a solo a.m. pour over.

Pro move: flipping the bottle on its head to savor all the Sisters Conditioner (and Shampoo) goodness.

Bussin' grab-and-go style, right here. All the essentials. Quinton, 5 Seasons TCM ta and CBD gummies.

A Boketto staple; matches! We use them for moxa during Acupuncture + seen here at home for incense and candles.

Some of us are minimalists. All respect for placing Anima Mundi Cacao Powder as a singular object of affection.

This reads like a who’s who of Boketto darlings: Quinton, LypoSpheric Vitamin C, and Dr. Ohirra’s Probiotics

Now that’s what we call a “go bag.” Haku agrees.

Gotta love the no-nonsense, 8lb bag of big flaky magnesium bath salts. IYKYK.

Front and center— exactly as Marie Veronique should be. We spy a potent a.m./p.m. routine.

If they have 99 problems, skincare mos def ain’t one. MV galore, Corpus, and Boketto LAB Gua Sha are at the ready.

The Boketto to baking ratio here is off the charts. Quinton, Rose Powder w/CAP Coconut Butter FTW!

Supplements (D3K2, Manuka Honey, Vital BCQ) hanging with the big boys (Chili Olive Oil, ACV, Rosewater).

A condiment-rich environment is incomplete without Dark Horse Umami Ketchup and Jalapeño Hot Sauce.

Caps off to this #realtalk photo. Key’s sunscreen is #obvi in heavy rotation. With a Monastery trio that’s #chefskiss

They swear this photo wasn’t staged— Boketto product pridedeluxe! (+ First MV Men’s Skincare sighting, too...)

Some of us are maximalists. We love how how Copesthetic Heath tinctures are considered a pantry item, here. Yes!

Possessing a dynamite smile, their focus on oral heath (Keeko) & beauty (Noto) comes as no surprise.