What’s Your Human Design

Various methods exist for assessing personalities, ranging from astrology and numerology to Myers-Briggs. For those inclined towards self-discovery, understanding Human Design can provide profound insights into your authentic self.

Oftentimes when we’re trying to refine/change/transform our lives, we do it the way we think we should. With Human Design, it’s literally our energetic blueprint, and it flips the transformation process— you can shed your conditioning and then create a mindset that supports the blueprint.


Human Design is a system that gives you a detailed blueprint of how your energy is designed, how you are unique, and what your gifts and life purpose are.

Similar to mapping your astrology birth chart, you calculate your Human Design Chart with your birth day, time, and location (figure out your type, free).

Your chart that represents a snapshot of the cosmos at the moment you were born—and three months before that when your brain was developing in utero. Human design composites those two and layers and then looks at how the energies interacts.


There are five distinct “types” in human design:

1. Manifestors
Manifestors get the ball rolling, initiate, and then back off to let other people take over. They operate through deep bursts of energy followed by deep rest. The catalysts of change, Manifestors make up less than 10% of the world’s population.

The caveat, however, is Manifestors respond to life, and can deal with burnout or shame when they feel they can’t keep up.

2. Generators
Generators are the workhorses of the world, and they respond to gaps, opportunities, and inequities in the world. Propelling the world forward with their work and energy, and they use their body to show them what they actually want, and what they actually love.

Making up 30% of the population, Generators become burnt out when things don’t light them up and they do them anyway.

3. Manifesting Generators
Manifesting Generators use their energy to create what they want, and use their body’s responses to guide them toward those things, like a Generator. But they’re also designed to be trailblazers and to be super impactful and inspirational, just like a Manifestor.

Manifesting Generators are jack-of-all-trades kind of people, and difficulties arise when they don’t hold boundaries, flake-out, or inform others of what’s going on with them.

4. Projectors
Projectors, who make up 20% of the population, are here to offer wisdom and guidance to the rest of the world. They have the sacred role of seeing others on a deep level, and being able to offer apt advice and perspectives.

They have an intensity about them, and take on the energies of everyone around them. Problems arrise when they don’t let people come to them, so that energy exchanges feel harmonious instead of forced.

5. Reflectors
Reflectors are your empaths, who reflect the energies of their environment. They’re exceptionally good at discernment because they’re so open, understanding, and healing for other people. 

Because they're constantly taking in the ideas, thoughts, feelings, and emotions of the people and world around them, allowing a lot of time (a full lunar cycle) to decide, process, think is necessary for them to find their own clarity.


Just like your entire astrological birth chart can’t be summed up by your sun sign, there’s much, much more to Human Design than knowing which of the five types you are.

If you are familiar with Human Design, you know it can be overwhelming at first glance. And while there are a lot of online resources to do your own research on Human Design, working with a professional can be really helpful— as they can translate they system into more actionable items.

Join us on Sunday, January 21st where Sam Nacman of Stelluna will be leading the workshop: An Introduction to Human Design. What a wonderful way to kick off 2024, with more tools for self-discovery!


An Introduction to Human Design
with Sam Nacman
Sunday, January 21st
1:30 - 3:30pm
Boketto, 106 N Vine Street (The Fan) RVA 23220