What is an adaptogen, anyway?

Maybe you’ve heard about adaptogens, they’re all the rage in the world of herbalism, and for good reason. Adaptogens may be a trend, but at the root of things, adaptogens are about finding and maintaining balance. Herbalist David Winston is a go-to in the world of herbalism on the topics of adaptogens. In an interview with Goop, Winston said, “The term adaptogen is neither an ancient term nor one that comes from herbal medicine. The concept was first described by the research scientist Dr. I. I. Brekhman in 1961.“Adaptogens are defined as nontoxic, they reduce the effects of stress, and they help restore normal physiological function that has been shifted, suppressed, or altered because of the stressors.”
And again, adaptogens are about supporting balance. For all their wonderful properties, they aren’t magic cures. Herbalist Rachelle Robinett says about adaptogens, “If you’re looking for something with a more immediate or “punchy” effect - something that’s going to calm you down or rev you up beyond your ‘normal,’ you need an herb that is more specific than an adaptogen. Balancing the body is great, but I think people need to consider if that’s what they’re after, or if they’re trying to push beyond that.” So, we suggest if you’re seeking balance, learn more about adaptogens—which is one of many ways herbs and herbalism support our well being. 

Our favorite adaptogenic blend is Replenish from Kotuko Elixirs. This blend is a deeply nourishing formula, which tonifys Yin, soothes the nervous system, and is great for those experiencing “burn out.”This recipe below is best as a mid-day a favorite because Replenish contains Albizia (Mimosa Flower), which is referred to as the herb of happiness. Also, Ormus, found in the Black Sesame Paste, is highly mineralized for overall central nervous system support.

And that pretty picture above? That was taken by our founder Jelena Nikolajevic. Her Latte Noir is a mid-day pick-me-up, especially this time of year as the seasons/weather is changing. 

Jelena’s Latte Noir
1 tablespoon of CAP Beauty Coconut Butter
1 tablespoon of Wadaman Black Sesame Paste
1 teaspoon of Kotuku Replenish Blend

After adding the ingredients to milk of your choice (or coffee), blend, and enjoy.