Home is Whenever We’re With You

Insert lyrics to Home by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros here. Home can be a literal place, a metaphorical place, a place that we define ourselves with or against.

During a time when the definition of home has changed for so many, we found ourselves asking, “What does Home mean?” So, we did what made sense to us. We reached out to some of our favorite makers, brands, and teachers to listen and learn about what home means for them....


Jelena Nikolajevic
Founder, Boketto 

I love home… I love everything about being home… I guess I would be considered a home body.

To me, being home means having the fire going, wearing lounge clothing, sipping on broth and being in the company of my beloved partner and snuggly pets. It’s about a home cooked meal, a glass of natural wine, a good movie and the ability to pamper myself through self care rituals. spending time at home revives my soul and centers me. 


Kelsey Copeland
Artist, Copeland Studios

We often hear people say that “home” is with their loved ones, regardless of where they are. That’s something that I’ve always thought of in regards to my physical home. In addition to home being my shelter, it is truly an extension of myself and therefore becomes personified. It feels and though it’s a living and breathing entity with its own personality and character.

It provides for me in ways that nothing else can, giving me solitude and respite. When I’m sick or not at my best, I cherish it the most for its comfort and warmth that nurtures me. It’s a sanctuary for my most vulnerable self, and simultaneously a welcoming space for my loved ones to congregate and enjoy themselves.


Jennifer Elsner
Creative Director, Boketto 

I was watching an interview with Fran Leibovitz last night. If you know her, she’s a delicious curmudgeon. Fran was going-off on airports and not understanding why people travel… she said something like: she travels to make money so she can spend more time at home. Fran went on: How awful is your life if you go through all you have to go through to travel these days, just to leave home. This made me laugh. And think.

I don’t agree with Fran’s take on travel. (I mean, yes, air travel is enduring insult after insult, but it’s as close as we can get to time travel at the moment… I digress.) I love to travel. I find meaning in traveling, it’s my life blood in fact. The desire to travel is never about escaping where I am, but to go towards something different. I also love being home. Home is a container for my life. Shelter, yes, and a reflection of my internal space. Thoughts, memories, delights, utility, opinion, aspirations. And via design, also a monument to these things.

Home is a metaphor.

Collecting, purging, caring, admiring, finding comfort and creating connection. Struggle, nakedness, shadow-work, rage. it’s where I’m laid bare most often. Where travel is more a sensorial, intellectual, seeking time, home is a place of honesty, integration, and ultimately knowing.


Bee Simonds
Founder, H is for Love

Home to me means my place of comfort and safety. I'm able to find Home in a feeling, such as being near people with whom I feel safe and loved; or of course home is my respite from the hustle of this world. The house where I've handpicked beautiful artisan-made items free from toxins, full of natural fibers, neutral colors, natural smells from essential oils and organic foods. Home is a feeling, and a place. H IS FOR LOVE is in a studio located in a building owned by a dear friend of 20+ years, surrounded by like-minded businesses that focus on good food, natural farming, alternative medicines, etc. There is a stunning salon here, skincare next door, the best tattoo shop in the city, a natural food coop, and people I just adore. I'm lucky to have home both in my own home and at my work home :)


Suzy Brockman 
Maker, La Lyra

With a background in Feng Shui and professional organizing, home is the environment we create for ourselves. It has much more depth than the physical building around us and our belongings. Home is an involuntary expression of who we are and also exposes our challenges in life quite clearly. When we begin to examine it, we gain tremendous awareness as we recognize synchronicities that exist between physical space and personal life. This type of discovery and working within its realm is a true passion of mine. Home can be such a powerful tool in shaping our lives and manifesting the desires we most genuinely want. If you are interested in dipping your toes in this notion, simply placing a bit more attention on your home today and finding out where it takes you! It may change your life.


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Photo: Jersey Ice Cream Co