Oral Care & Hygiene with Jelena Nikolajevic

If you haven't noticed lately, we've been actively expanding our oral apothecary to include probiotic charcoal toothpastes, ionic toothbrushes and oral mouth rinses, among other things. Boketto owner and founder, Jelena Nikolajevic, has always viewed oral care as a priority in her approach to wellbeing and it's fostered much curiosity from rest of us to follow suit. 

In the pages of Renegade Beauty, written by Nadine Artemis of Living Libations, "the mouth is the principal portal into our bodies; it interfaces, absorbs, and assimilates our world. The endocrine, immune, and digestive systems are intimately bound to the microbiome of our mouths. By understanding the human microbiome, we understand that our health depends on a thriving microbiome; and as human hosts to this bacterial banquet, the key to vitality in our bodies and mouths is bacterial balance." 

Inspired by Jelena's consistent and intentional oral care routine, we sat down with her to take a closer look at the whys and the whats of oral hygiene, proving that the practice is just as important to overall wellness as any other dietary or lifestyle decision. 

"Oral care and hygiene has always been a priority in my life because of having cavities as a child and traumatic experiences at the dentist with fillings. As I got older, especially during my work in acupuncture, I began to see how that was affecting my health. I did my own research and found Dr. Weston A Price and read his book, comparing dental care around the world and saw that people that lived in the most rural areas of the world didn't have toothbrushes but had no cavities compared to those in developed countries. He came up with the component of nutrition and why that's important to our teeth. 

When you break it down, our teeth are made of calcium, which our bones are made up of. So our teeth health is reflective of our bone health (and health in general), so if we aren't assimilating calcium, it will show up in our teeth as fast tooth decay, etc. Doing further research, Nadine's dental protocol tied it into create my daily practices. Admittedly, it's a very involved nightly routine but it's necessary (especially for someone like myself that's been prone to cavities).

From an internal nutritional standpoint, Jelena emphasizes essential fatty acids (Vitamins A, D, K2, which are found in the below sources) as fundamental components to oral and overall body care.

COD LIVER OIL is the perfect source for Vitamins A & D, which together, better assimilate calcium and calcium absorption. 

VITAMIN K2, preferably from Natto, helps to re-establish the enamel in the teeth. 

PREBIOTICS & PROBIOTICS assist with keeping good bacteria in check and healthy flora in the oral cavity of the mouth, in addition to supporting overall gut health.

In addition to ensuring that she's getting optimal nutrients internally to support oral hygiene, she has been following Nadine's Holistic Dentistry 8-step Dental Protocol, consisting of the below processes for daily routine and maintenance of optimal oral care.

As a preface to this routine and in the words of Nadine herself, "commercial toothpaste gives an illusion of a fresh and clean mouth, yet it is the art of oral care, diet and diligent brushing that actually removes the plaque. It is best to be a purist about oral health and diligently care with a toothbrush and a dab of salt or baking soda and a pure botanical serum. These simple, time-tested ingredients help prevent dental caries due to their buffering capacity and alkalinity promoters that inhibit plaque formation and balance the mouth's microbiome. They also increase calcium uptake to the enamel, neutralize the pH in the mouth and reduce the effect of harmful metabolic acids...and they are quite safe to swallow."

1. Saltwater rinse with colloidal silver and a few drops of Happy Gumdrops. Recently, she switched over to OLAS Marine Bio-Active Mouthrinse (CoQ10, Algae, sea salts and essential oils), which contains all the properties essential to mouth health...that's much better than a bottle of Listerine.

2. Happy Gum Drops on the dental floss to floss teeth.

3. Gum Massage using Ionic Toothbrush with Happy Gum Drops to focus on brushing the gums (both back and front).

4. Oil swishing with Living Libations Oil Swishing Serum

5. Second saltwater rinse to flush any debris or leftovers.

6. Tooth polishing, especially the backs of the molars where cavities and plaque can build up. Jelena has been alternating between Carbon 6 Lab and David's Toothpaste and loves the probiotic and charcoal benefits of Carbon 6, but enjoys the wintergreen and non-charcoal aspects of David's.

7. Third saltwater rinse to further flush any final debris or leftovers.

8. Oral irrigation (using a water pick), with a solution of salt water, colloidal silver and Happy Gum Drops. She performs this step twice a week rather than every day. 

"Even if there has been massive damage, the teeth can be repaired. In fact, research tells us that teeth with early cavity damage can heal themselves once disease is eliminated from the oral environment." - Dr. Robert O. Nara