Meditate with Olivia Yohai | A Guide for Meditation Beginners

Richmond has a thriving yoga scene, there's no doubt about that. Allison Walton, formerly our head of content at Boketto, leads an incredible Warm Vinyasa class at Humble Haven that I've truly been aching for these past few weeks at home. Whether you're a Bikram yogi, or you prefer a practice that's a little more relaxed— there's something for everyone in this yogi-friendly city. Queue, the latter.

Richmond's darling yogini, Olivia Yohai, has truly made an impact on us at Boketto. From her heartfelt demeanor, to her gentle assists during classes, we're thrilled by the idea of having her back amongst us (even if it's virtually!). She was kind enough to offer a few meditation tips to reduce the stress of current events.

The rise of COVID-19 and its impact has been felt among all of us all in some way, shape, or form. If you're like me, then you understand that it's been a huge challenge to find peace while social distancing— friendships, careers, and travel all put on hold while we wait for good news in the form of a cure. I hope this meditation guide will help you find some sliver of peace, to help create a calming narrative in your head, and to find comfort deep in your bones. 

Meditation Tips

-Sometimes it’s nice to create a nice space. Sometimes it’s nice to sit with your mess and just focus on you. Make that choice but know that meditation is always available!

-Scent is so important! Candles, incense, sprays, essential oils can trigger your mind into your parasympathetic state which we is our main goal for meditation.

-I like to include crystals to center myself and the room.

-Sometimes I include my pets. My cat was sitting right next to me the entire time I was recording. If you’re including your dog or pup make sure you have a little extra time so that you can allow them to relax. This is always such a treat.

-Keep trying! There are so many different ways to meditate.

-Set small goals. If you set goals that you can accomplish easily your mind will feel good and want to continue with it. Try to set a goal that seems realistic for you to practice every single day for a month and commit.

-Find the time that works for you. Maybe it’s when you first wake up. Maybe it is right before bed. Set a time to dedicate to yourself.

-Make it fun by doing it with friends or family.

Everyone can meditate!

Much love, Olivia


Practice Meditating with Olivia below.