Facial Reflexology

Achieving balance is no easy feat. That's why we like to keep a few favorite tools in our metaphorical back pockets. 

We recently added the Smooth Sphere with Fine Detector tool from Multireflex to our Boketto Tool Collection, and it's a favorite for at-home treatments. 

Aside from many beauty benefits, Facial Reflexology is conducive to treating pms, supporting fertility, and easing anxiety. It offers relief for headaches & muscle pains, improves sleep quality, promotes healing, and opens-up the lymphatic system.

The practice includes a series of non-invasive, gentle techniques that use targeted, pressure-point massage on the face and scalp. We asked Esthetician, Anne Dietrich, to share some Facial Reflexology how-tos, that addresses the most asked about concerns, head to toe.

To begin your Facial Reflexology practice...

Step 1: 
Facial reflexology requires that you’re in front of a mirror. Set out your tools & face oil on a towel, have your protocols handy. Look at your face’s geometry: brows, eyes, nose, mouth...

Step 2: 
Preparing your skin for facial reflexology is important. Ensure that your skin is completely clean, apply your usual cleanser. Pat dry. Make sure your chosen tools are clean, as well.

Step 3: 
Follow up with your regular skincare products ending with a face oil— which is essential for creating a nice slip and avoiding tissue damage. Use 5-10 drops, depending on your skin type.

Step 4: 
Before your chosen protocol, extend your inhale and exhale to slow down/center. Then, gently & firmly pull down on ear lobes, letting the slip between your fingers. 

Step 5:
Choose your protocol! Anne designed five helpful protocols to support and address: Wrinkles, Detox, Fertility, Anxiety, and Immunity. Click here to download your five free graphs in our Facial Reflexology guide to take your tool game above and beyond. 

Step 6:
Begin treatment.


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