Our Chocolate Chill-out Shake

With warmer temperatures on the horizon, you may find yourself craving more chilled morning lattes and/or energizing shakes. Maybe… HA! “For sure!” is more like it. Who doesn’t love an iced drink or cold smoothie this time of year?!

But to be frank, cold drinks tend not to be great for your overall sense of well-being. Because of the dampening effect they can have on digestion and reproductive function, icy concoctions consumed in excess can sit like sludge in the body. And… we’re human.

In search of something that satisfied our taste and high standards, we got a little creative in the process and finally nailed this recipe; and now we’re hooked. We keep it slightly sweet and interesting by blending in some of our favorite raw honey, plus potassium-rich dates and fibrous, creamy coconut butter. The result is a luscious and energizing smoothie that swoons all the senses and leaves the body and mind completely nourished.= 

We promise, you wont miss the ice. And if you do, add a cube (or two) to the glass. You’re human after all!


Combine all ingredients into a blender and blend on high until well combined. Usually longer than you think. More than a minute. 2 minutes never hurt. Be sure to pulse a few extra times to make sure the dates work their way in! Serve in your favorite ceramic mug or tall glass, and enjoy.

Notes on Ingredients

Cacao Powder I mean, if you’ve ever felt like having a little bit of chocolate to boost your mood, you’re right. A specific flavanol in cacao called epicatechin is believed to help with some parts of brain health, including cognition and blood flow and mood. 

Super Morning Jing is designed to get your day started with deep invigoration by replenishing the kidney 'Jing.' Black foods are thought by the Chinese to tonify the Kidney meridian, thereby helping restore youth and deep resilience. 

Pure Bulgarian Rosewater is fragrant, cooling, anti-inflammatory, and can have strong antidepressant/anti-anxiety properties. 

Manuka Honey makes life (and this beverage) sweeter, but is also thought to help prevent/treat numerous ailments, including inflammatory bowel disease, gastric ulcers, periodontal disease, and coughs due to upper respiratory infections. 

Organic Tahini is a tasty way to add powerful antioxidants and healthy fats to your diet, as well as several vitamins and minerals. It also adds a creaminess to blended beverages, especially banana-free ones.

Coconut Butter makes for a great, readily available fuel, since medium-chain fatty acids are used right away by your body for energy, and even boost brain function.

This blog post was originally crafted by Allison Walton in 2019, and updated to meet the moment.