Boketto x Ayurveda

Pasha Kat Yuen offers unique and effective well-being therapies at Boketto. A feature of many of her bodywork offerings includes Herbal Compresses. Herbal compresses are used to help soothe injuries and inflammation and allow the body to focus on healing. They work by helping to bring blood to the area or directing it away, while the addition of herbs can help to enhance healing.

Pasha also makes her compresses herself and makes them available for purchase to use at home.

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How To Herbal Compress

Use around the head, neck, chest, and upper back for cold, and flu symptoms, muscle pain; and on the abdomen to treat digestion + cramps. Here’s how to prep and care for your Herbal Compress

  1. Soak
    Immerse your compress in a bowl of water to start opening the herbs. As you do this, bring a pot of water to boil.
  2. Steam
    Place compresses in a steamer basket or colander over boiling water. Cover + steam for
    15-20 minutes.
  3. Apply
    Remove the compress and place it on a dark towel. Press to squeeze out excess water (careful! it’s hot!) and apply to areas of pain— if too hot use a washcloth to protect your hands. Note: Herbs are best absorbed when applied directly to the skin.
  4. Freeze
    You can use your compress multiple times. Pop your compresses in the freezer to store them between uses. They're good for up to 6 hours of total use or until they're no longer fragrant.
Meet Rasananda Ayurveda

Pasha is not only a Boketto-beloved practitioner, her talents extend to Rasananda Ayurveda a tight collection of traditional healing formulas utilizing the medical systems of South and Southeast Asia. These systems are rooted in medical knowledge from before the time of the Buddha. That knowledge went on to inspire medical systems like Thai medicine, Ayurveda and Tibetan medicine, etc. Sourced from organic, sustainable, and domestic sources whenever possible, Pasha's herbal products are handcrafted in Richmond, Virginia.

Rasanada Ayurveda offerings:
Herbal Compresses
Facial Herbal Compress - COMING SOON!
Herbal Tonics for Women
Herbal Tonics for Everyday
Ayurveda Body Oil
Rasananda Ayurveda x Boketto Hair + Scalp Oil

Work with Pasha

Pasha Kat Yuen is a therapeutic bodyworker specializing in women’s health and the precious time surrounding pregnancy and birth. Her adult practice aims to assist women & families to develop more stability in their mental and physical well-being through gentle manual therapies. Pasha’s infant practice supports babies through their transition to life outside of the womb, breastfeeding, and growing into strong and healthy infants.

Pasha’s areas of specialty include abdominal dysfunction, low back pain, pelvic pain & disorders, migraines/headache, TMJ pain & dysfunction, anxiety, depression, prenatal, & postpartum care. She is trained to support women through pregnancy, labor, delivery & recovery after birth.

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Her work incorporates craniosacral therapy, abdominal massage, myofascial release, mouth work, herbal compresses & fire cupping as needed to support the body through the different stages of life

Treatments offered:
Rejuvenating Women’s Therapy
Craniosacral Therapy
Mother+ Infant Craniosacral Therapy
Infant Craniosacral Therapy
Prenatal Thai Massage
Abdominal Massage