Supernatural Teas

Supernatural Teas

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Liquid Sunshine: Lemon Balm soothes and tones the nervous system. Golden Saffron enhances circulation & stimulates sex drive. Citrusy Grapefruit Peel and St. John's Wort* brighten and lift the mood. Drink in the sunshine. *St. John’s Wort may decrease the efficacy of prescription medications. Please consult your health care physician before combining." 

For Her: Red Raspberry Leaf is high in magnesium, potassium, iron & B vitamins. Red Clover Flowers help to balance estrogen. Nettle is full of chlorophyll, mineral rich, and a natural antihistamine. 

Goodnight Moon: Passionflower is slightly hypnotic, easing tension and beckoning sleep. Warming Chamomile calms the nervous system and soothes digestion. Rose is lightly sedative and heart balancing.

Nerve Less: Lavender Florets offer a state of tranquility. Skullcap Leaf eases nervous system. Ashwagandha is an adaptogenic root that may lower cortisol levels and better response to chronic stress. Oat Straw is an herbal nervine high in bioavailable B vitamins. Drink this tea like an emotional salve. 

Gluten Free. Vegan. 

12 sachets per package.