Shaman Shack Three Jewels

Shaman Shack Three Jewels

For beauty, it is said that one cannot top the three herbs in 3 Jewels.

Pearl has long been renowned as the ultimate beauty herb for suppleness and flexibility of the skin, and is attributed to the famed beauty of the goddess Quan Yin. Recent Japanese technology uses enzymes to naturally render the pearl into a 99% water-soluble medium. Schizandra and Goji are also revered by many others for maintaining long-term beauty and vibrance.

These three herbs in a concentrated powdered extract powder may be taken internally and/or added into skin creams.


Ingredients: High density pure powdered extracts of Goji [Lycium Chinensis], Schizandra and Hydrolized [water soluble] pearl

Vegetarian, gluten free, gmo free, sugar free, no fillers or preservatives, wild, harvested sustainably, manufactured and packaged in the USA.