Shaman Shack Protection

Shaman Shack Protection

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There is hardly a better herbal immune enhancing formula than this.

Protection contains Agaricus mushroom, the highest known source of Beta 1-3 glucans, nature's most powerful immune strengtheners. Beta glucans activate large white blood cells called macrophages, the body's first line of defense against harmful agents. Cordyceps is a precious protective mushroom and is particularly helpful in strengthening Lung immunity. Scutellaria is one of nature's most powerful blood cleansers. Astragalus strengthens the Wei Chi, the body's surface immunity.

In addition, it helps the body fend off free-radical-inducing toxins from outside elements which could otherwise penetrate through the skin. The other herbs in this formula are widely used in Asia for maintaining strong immunity. Chinese and Japanese studies show these herbs to be helpful in concert with Cancer treatment, and appear to work well with chemotherapy and radiation, helping reduce some of the negative side effects.

Ingredients: Vegan, gluten free, gmo free, sugar free, no fillers or preservatives, wild, harvested sustainably, manufactured and packaged in the USA.