ORA+CLE by Jennifer Elsner Oracle Deck
ORA+CLE by Jennifer Elsner Oracle Deck

ORA+CLE by Jennifer Elsner Oracle Deck

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Do you work with humans? Do you love a human? Have you been parented by—or are a parent to—a human? ORA+CLE is for you. A divination tool for anyone who interfaces professionally or personally with humans. So, pretty much everyone.

ORA+CLE is what you already know, but different. A divination tool created with the needs of relationships in mind, for humans like you. Intrinsic, esoteric, dynamic, cosmic, prosaic, therapeutic, rhapsodic, terrific. It's a vehicle for finding meaning & magic in the quotidian. ORA+CLE is a daily guide to help create a bridge between your emotional body, and what action is needed. Created by Jennifer Elsner, sold exclusively in Richmond at Boketto Wellness.


What’s an oracle Deck?
An oracle deck is similar to Tarot; an object of meditation that encourages its participant to explore and uncover truths about themselves. It holds the promise of a dynamic, positive, spiritual transformation via understanding our essential selves.*

Where ORA+CLE differs from an oracle deck or Tarot is that it’s a looser, more utilitarian exploration. Its scope encompasses the emotional experiences we have inter-personally. There’s plenty of space for critical thinking with ORA+CLE. Developed pragmatically, intuitively, and yes, sacredly—ORA+CLE is meant to be used on its own as a way of deepening inquiry, or as a compliment to a Tarot practice. 

*The definition of oracle was liberally adapted from “Supra: The Hidden Path of an Oracle” by Linnea Gits.