Kotuku Elixirs Reishi Spore Powder

Kotuku Elixirs Reishi Spore Powder

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Reishi Spores can be thought of as the pollen of Reishi which the mushroom uses to reproduce itself so it is in fact the Jing or (Life Essence) of the Reishi and contains high concentrations of Triterpenes and Polysaccharides which are the most important substances for our bodies in Reishi. Reishi Spore powder also contains  adenosine, thirteen amino acids, Germanium, Selenium, lipopolysaccharides, ascorbic acid, alkaloids and trace minerals.

Reishi is known to be a most potent Superfood or Tonic Herb for our bodies immune system. Reishi has been shown to have  profound effects on the human immune system as well as a wide spectrum of life enhancing qualities. 

Part of the true magic of Reishi spore powder is its effect on our mind and spirit. One small tsp consumed directly in the mouth or as a topping on a hot elixir leaves us feeling both enlivened and calm, It is a really sublime form of "high" - This form of enlivenedness is mentioned throughout the recorded history of Reishi and the spores really bring it!