Kotuku Elixirs Cordyceps

Kotuku Elixirs Cordyceps

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Cordyceps are one of the most valuable commodities in the world with wild Bhutanese Cordyceps selling for more than their weight in gold. They are among the rare group of herbs which tonify both Yin and Yang in the body. Cordyceps are regularly prescribed to support the bodies immune system. Traditional Chinese Medicine claims that consumption of Cordyceps strengthens and regulates the Kidneys and Lungs.

Kidneys are the natural filters of our body. They perform various functions, including maintaining acid-base balance, regulating blood pressure, producing hormones and reabsorbing water, glucose and amino acids. The symptoms of kidney dysfunction are normally felt via other organs consequently affected. Fatigue, joint and back pain, high blood sugar level and impotence are all symptoms of degenerative kidney health. 

The support Cordyceps provides for the lungs are particularly prized by athletes and those who engage in endurance sports. In 1993, Cordycep mushrooms made headlines when at the Chinese National Games, nine world records – including the 10,000 metres, won by an astonishing 40 seconds – were broken by the Chinese team. This was explained by the claim that a regular regimen of Cordyceps improves stamina and athletic performance, reduces muscle soreness and promotes muscle building, even though it does not contain any steroids. 


Kotuku Elixirs Cordyceps Powder make an excellent tea for increased fortitude and endurance.