Jiva Apoha Thunderbird Body Oil

Jiva Apoha Thunderbird Body Oil

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When the sky suddenly darkens and rolls of thunder drum your path, you have met the spirit of Thunderbird. According to one Native American myth, Thunderbird is the grandson of The Sky Spirit, who created the world and populated it with humans. Thunderbird holds a legacy that is clean and pure. Our Native White Sage is the most potent agent of purification, and in precious essential form, you are enabled to anoint your body like a ceremonial smudge within your living space. The balsamic-woody aroma of Red Cedarwood calms and attracts positive energy while Juniper releases suppressed intuition. All three together bring you to a place of quiet power—the sacred terrain of your heart. The fresh, smooth and slightly smoky fragrance is perfect for grounding and tempering excess heat and cold in the body. When you ritualize the care of your skin, its beauty continues to deepen long after the life-giving rains have passed by.

Benefits: Elevates Spiritual Awareness, Purifying, Eases Stress, Cleansing, Eczema, Toxin Build-Up

INGREDIENTS Organic Sunflower Oil. Pure Essential Oils of Juniper, White Sage & Red Cedarwood.

Details: 2 fl oz (59ml) bottle