Facial-focused Massage + Consultation

Facial-focused Massage + Consultation

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COVID-19 has brought about many new &/or resurfaced skincare issues. Have you heard of Maskne (Mask-Acne). Yup, it’s a thing. And while we wait for Virginia to deem it safe for esthetician skincare, we’ve created an approved facial-focused massage + consultation offering to meet your skincare needs.

Draining lymph, releasing tension, and bringing back skin health + vitality can be addressed through Massage and Gua Sha techniques. On the scalp, ears, neck, chest and feet. Yes, you’ll wear your mask for the entirety of the in-person treatment, and leave with all the benefits and bliss of the facials you’re used to.

And BONUS: Your treatment includes a $25 credit towards a same-day purchase of product. 

60 Minutes, $145