Bodha Natural Perfume Oil

Bodha Natural Perfume Oil

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A Boketto Favorite, Bodha’s therapeutic oil perfume  offers a unique aromatherapy experience. 
Dab behind the ears, wrist, over your heart, as part of your daily ritual or anytime you want to balance and calm.

hand-made 100% natural perfume oil

absolutely no petroleum derivatives 

15ml roller ball

Earth: With notes of fir needles, incense and soft woods, Earth is a grounding energy of deep connection. Made from fragrant roots, barks and mosses, Earth nurtures a foundation of peace and intuition. 

Plants: With notes of crushed leaves, stems, and green citrus, plants is the vibrant energy of new growth.  Made from fragrant green leaves, twigs and rinds, Plants inspires creativity and fresh thinking. 

Air: With notes of spring blossom, cucumber, and golden resins, Air is the luminous potential. Made from petals, leaves and sacred resins, Air imbues and sense of lightness and wonder.