Alexis Smart Flower Remedies First Aid Kit

Alexis Smart Flower Remedies First Aid Kit

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No matter which Foundational Formula you choose, you should always have a bottle of First Aid Kit on hand (bathroom cabinet, purse, glove compartment) for emergencies. This fast-acting formula neutralizes trauma and shock, restoring calm immediately. Take four drops every ten minutes during a crisis (accidents, emotional stress, hospital visits, fear of flying, dental visits, public speaking, etc.). May also used preventatively, at the first sign of illness.

BENEFITS: Works instantly to neutralize trauma and restore calm, minimizes anxiety before public speaking, flying, dentist visits, etc, travel remedy (helps adjust to time zones, protect from external influences), useful for hospital visits, both the patient and their family members, a must-must have for the medicine chest, purse or glove compartment. *Note If anxiety is chronic, please use Peaceful Worrier or Safe and Sound. 

DIRECTIONS: 4 drops, 4 times a day under the tongue. 1 bottle is a 1 month supply if taken as directed. *May be taken more frequently as needed.