It’s important to relax and indulge in various methods of restoration and relaxation. Harnessing the brain trust of Team Boketto, in a range of holistic modalities, with the reach of Zoom, the art and science of healing is made accessible to all—mind, body and spirit.

Chinese Herbs
Yoga Therapy



Naturopathic Medicine
with Dr. Alexandra Cope

Naturopathic Medicine Consultation

In these mini-sessions we efficiently discuss your emotional, physical, and spiritual needs. I’ll perform an intake to establish a baseline treatment plan, as well as assess your Naturopathic needs in order to determine which services are suitable and accessible to you. — 30 Minutes, $50

Naturopathic Medicine Session

This is a focused session that implements a comprehensive treatment plan, progress reports, and accountability assistance. New patients can expect a comprehensive intake, laboratory evaluations, custom formulation of flower essences &/or herbal tinctures, spiritual healing as well as emotional support/guidance throughout your treatment and beyond. — 60 Minutes, $200

Our in-house Naturopath, Dr. Alexandra Cope, is a trauma-trained physician with a professional background, including a 5 year Medical Degree + Naturopath License from The National University of Natural Medicine, 2 years of clinicals with an ENT Naturopath, 2 years of clinicals in Transgender Medicine, a homeopathic certification from the New England School of Homeopathy, as well as Food Sovereignty Training. Dr. Cope strives to inspire empowerment on all levels, focusing on womxn’s health, libido, fertility, and contraceptive options. She specializes in fasting, digestive health, microbiome restoration, and the fertility journey before and after motherhood. 

Working with Dr. Alexandra Cope is a good fit when you’re looking for the underlying issues that are creating discord in your mind, body, and/or spirit. 


Chinese Herbal Medicine
with Nic Pitts, L.Ac., Dipl. O.M.

Chinese Herbal Medicine Consultation+

In addition to her acupuncture practice, Nic supports patients via nutritional and lifestyle counseling, and Classical Chinese herbal medicine. Through the combination of a virtual conversation and written intake Nic matches you with a patented Chinese herbal formula. You’re provided with a digital prescription to have your formula mailed directly to your home. — 30 Minutes, $35-55 Sliding Scale


Nic Pitts is a licensed acupuncturist and Chinese medical herbalist. She completed her MAOM (Masters of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine) from Daoist Traditions College of Chinese Medical Arts where she studied under Jeffrey Yuen, 88th generation Daoist Priest of the Jade Purity Tradition. She holds a Diplomate of Oriental Medicine through the NCCAOM (National Certification Commission for Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine). She is certified as a licensed acupuncturist from the Virginia Board of Medicine. 

Nic has a passion for affordable healthcare, and has learned that she has a special affinity for working with the spirit through treating conditions such as depression, stress, anxiety, and trauma. Other areas of speciality include chronic and acute pain, adjunctive cancer therapy, headaches, menstrual disorders, digestive disorders, menopause, eczema and psoriasis, and fertility.


Skin Health & Care
with Anne Dietrich, Esthetician

Skincare & Health Consultation

Changes in our skin happen throughout life, season-to-season, and so should the products we use. Our esthetician, Anne Dietrich, will thoroughly review your intake form and then evaluate your skin during your Zoom appointment. You’ll have an opportunity to ask questions, and with your input, she’ll offer suggestions for products + care protocols that will be most helpful to you and your goals. All from the comfort and safety of your home. — 30 Minutes, $25

Your consultation includes a $25 credit towards a same-day purchase of product. 


Anne Dietrich is a board-certified licensed massage therapist and esthetician with over ten years of experience in the field of holistic care. As an esthetician, she has been able to work with a plethora of skincare lines and has a vast knowledge of products, understanding components and ingredients and how they can affect various skin conditions. She practices nutritional therapies to assist in healing and nourishing the skin. Anne fulfills her passion for skin correction using non-toxic, high quality ingredients—her ultimate goal is to assist her clients both internally and externally through slow beauty.        


Home Movement Practice
with Allison Ryan Walton


As this season in time begs us to slow down and lean into moments of tenderness and rest, developing a home practice serves as a beautiful ritual to further support these areas of our lives. By allowing subtle movement and restorative practices to unfold privately and within a nurturing environment, one can more gently and freely arrive in their own body and its rhythms of self-expression.

Allison Walton, local movement artist, is offering personalized movement + restorative practices for navigating the ebbs and flows of life. Supported includes a personal virtual consultation with a 45-60 minute custom recorded movement practice delivered to you for use at home. — 30 minutes, $50-75 Sliding Scale


Allison began formally teaching yoga in 2016 after becoming an avid student of the practice. Having the heart and pursuit to study yoga on a more intimate level, she fled to Nosara, Costa Rica to train under the guidance of Don and Amba Stapleton at Nosara Yoga Institute. Since then, Allison's received her 200-hour Interdisciplinary Teaching Training, a 25-hour Restorative Training and currently, is in the process of completing a 300-hour Advanced Teacher Training. Her class formats and teachings are intelligently and intuitively sequenced — always accompanied by a thoughtful playlist. A good bit of meditation is typically woven in alongside an extended savasana, as a body in movement also requires plentiful moments of stillness and rest.

Allison continues to study, inquire, contemplate, and explore various theories and styles, allowing for necessary evolution and revolution of both her personal practice and teachings. She hopes to continue learning from and sharing this beautiful art form that is ‘movement’ as it carries us through the precious currents of life.



Yoga Therapy
with Olivia Yohai

Meridian Yoga Therapy Sessions

Meridian Yoga Therapy (MYT) is great for anyone dealing with chronic pain, acute pain, or any level of imbalance. This healing form combines the ancient powers of Yoga asana and traditional Chinese medicine. Both following a holistic approach. Read more about MYT, here.

Each session, Olivia invites you to be the scientist of your pain or dis-ease through a thought-provoking questionnaire. Then nothing more is required of you than an open mind. Together you’ll explore acupressure points and their effect on you personally. Then you’ll discuss some possible stretches, exercises, or yoga postures (no experience necessary) to support your wellness goals. Expect to leave feeling inquisitive, excited, and hopeful about feeling ease again. After the session Olivia will follow-up with a treatment plan including a recap of the session plus any other recommended acupressure points, self massage techniques, physical movements, breathing techniques, for you to work on. A personal mantra is also included to support you further. — 60 Minutes, $108


Olivia Yohai hones her listening skills and allows her hands and your body to guide her intuitively. Her work include many modalities, including pubic yoga classes and private massage and Meridian Yoga Therapy treatments. She loves to help relieve people of pain and facilitate a safe space for total body restoration. Through her studies of movement and instructing yoga she excels at helping you succeed in your home-healing process.  



Tarot Readings
with Jennifer Elsner

Tarot [& others]

Jennifer believes Tarot is an opportunity to cozy-up to what you care about, interrogate your habitual thoughts, recognize incongruent beliefs, and more clearly see the past to illuminate the path ahead. OR! Tarot simply allows for some time to create a new framework around what IS.

Each Tarot card is an archetypal representation of a universal situation, feeling, or behavior pattern found. The particular placement of each card layers additional meaning. Then you’ll consider the cards in relationship to each other. And then filter it all through your question... This cumulative & contextual experience is where depth, nuance, and *a-has* reside. With Jennifer, Tarot is not predictive or fixed, but rather collaborative, creative, generative, human—like you. — 45 Minutes, $77


Jennifer Elsner is a multidisciplinary artist who has worked in text, graphic design, sculpture, process and performance. And while she’s uncomfortable talking about herself in the third person, has heard it can be effective for things like this. 

Jennifer has participated in exhibitions. Her ephemeral work is found in private collections. There are publications too. She was a participant in Land Arts of the American West. Tarot is a direct descendant of her time in the field. To see clearly {often in distress}. To unpack, befriend and catalogue. To then make manifest both rationally and intuitively. Elsner lives and works in Richmond, VA where she teaches in the Arts Foundation Program at Virginia Commonwealth University. You may also know her as Boketto’s Creative Director.