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Embody your cyclical nature + take your power back.

Applying the Elements to Cyclical Living gifts you with wisdom and connection to the cosmos, your body, and all that is around you.

It is organized to deliver information in a digestible, practical, and ethereal way.  Using these courses standalone or alongside your fertility journey gives you the tools you need to sustain your health in an exhausting, dry and depleted world.  Dr. Cope weaves together the practical way to reorganize your schedule around your cycle, the moon, and your home/work balance with ease using the 5 elements as a framework for your cycle, the moon, and your home/work life.  

By end of this course you will be able to: 

  1. Confidently track your cycle and know when it is a safe time to have sex for pregnancy or to avoid pregnancy

  2. Have created a schedule for food, work, workouts, and life that is in balance with your cycle to maximize creativity, productivity, energy, and rest.

  3. Understand where you are in your cycle and how your body changes

  4. Be able to record and interpret your cycle charing using FAM and know which labs you may need to ask your doctor for

  5. Have access and knowledge to safe home remedies for common hormone ailments including painful periods, fatigue, heavy bleeding, anovulation, and pain with sex

  6. Have a better understanding of your body, become more embodied, and understand the signs of a healthy cycle or an unhealthy cycle

  7. Connect to a greater sense of purpose and creativity through cyclical living

  8. Connect to a greater sense of purpose through connecting to elemental living

  9. Understand and interpret hormone labs using blood work or the DUTCH Test


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Release Date - Begins with Cyclical Living Jan 31st