Discharging the static of everyday life not only brings a felt sense of wellness, but also bolsters your ability to fight dis-ease. Building this resilience is always important, but especially so now, in the time of COVID-19.

Your 45-minute visit includes both an intake and an acupuncture session. Inquiries about what bothersome symptoms you’re currently experiencing (back pain, insomnia, headaches, etc.) will be considered secondary to privileging your nervous system. 

To make this necessity accessible to a wider swath of the community, the price for these treatments is $45*. One private session at a time, top of the hour, with a thorough cleaning of the treatment room before/after each session. Masks on, for us both, for the entirety of our time together. 

For you, your friend, their mom, and her neighbor. Black, white, brown. Trans, cis, queer. Student, parent, retiree … Boketto welcomes you (back).

Stress & Immunity Resilience Acupuncture, $45


*If $45 is still out-of-reach, don’t go without the care you need. Let us know your situation and we’ll figure something out. 


Special Offer

10 - Stress & Immunity Resilience Acupuncture, $400 
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