The skin is the largest organ in the body, protecting us from microbes and the elements, helping to regulate body temperature, and permitting the sensations of touch, heat, and cold. It is essential that we care for our skin by creating rituals that are sustainable and give our vessels the relief and care they deserve.
We’re proud to offer a variety of facials from our qualified and knowledgeable esthetician. Our facial offerings are holistic and we aim for each client to end their experience with skin that feels nourished, relaxed, and soothed. Therefore, each facial is individualized based on client needs and desires using quality, high-performing, natural products.

Our esthetician is versed in Dermaplane, Microcurrent, Connective Tissue Massage, Lymphatic Drainage, Facial Reflexology (Dien Chan Zone®) Gua Sha — and waxing + tinting. 



all prices include gratuity 

The Boketto Facial 60 min
This hour-long treatment incorporates the luxury skin care line from beauty and wellness expert Marie Veronique Nadeau, who founded her company with the microbiome of the skin in mind. Her holistic approach to skincare emphasizes non-toxicity, regarding the surface of the skin as an ecosystem— that must be treated as such. Your treatment utilizes nourishing and cleansing elements from her regimen, all of which are designed to deeply purify and restore the skin to balance. You’ll leave glowing and renewed. 
Single 60 min session, $145 
Series of 6, $740  

The Boketto Facial 90 min
This depth-driven treatment incorporates the Marie Veronique, Monastery, and Pai skincare lines, as well as multiple methods of lymphatic massage for an experience that will leave you feeling nourished from the surface of the skin, to deep within. Your treatment also incorporates the Gua Sha technique. A naturally cooling and thoughtfully designed stone tool is implemented to aid in the reduction of puffiness and dark under-eye circles, improve blood flow and skin tone, promote lymphatic drainage, and tighten pores. This facial massage, combined with our esthetician’s curated backbar, allows for an unmatched immersive experience. The ninety minute treatment is recommended for first-time clients in order to best gain an understanding of the client’s derma.
Single 90 min session, $215
Series of 6, $1100


Gua Sha Facial Massage
Gua Sha, an ancient Chinese healing technique, is a relaxing yet results-oriented treatment that involves targeted stroking of the skin with a smooth-edged tool. Naturally cooling, Gua Sha aids in the reduction of puffiness and dark under-eye circles, improved blood flow and skin tone, promotes lymphatic drainage, and tighten pores. Gua Sha massage helps to ease muscle pain, improve circulation, sculpt, stimulate collagen production, and more. Those suffering from TMJ symptoms have found relief from regular Gua Sha massage.
60 Minutes, $90
90 Minutes, $135


This method is used to remove dead skin cells and vellus hair, also known as “peach fuzz,” from the top layer of the skin. Often times, make-up and product can cling onto vellus hair— limiting the effect of make-up and skincare, often times causing unwanted beading, clumping, and a reduction in glow. This service allows the skin to better absorb product, as well as give the skin a natural glow due to the removal of dead cells. We recommend regularly scheduled treatment for optimal results.
20 minutes, $50 


Facial-focused Massage + Consultation
60 Minutes, $145
Includes a $25 credit towards a same-day purchase of product. 
COVID-19 has brought about many new &/or resurfaced skincare issues. Have you heard of Maskne (Mask-Acne). Yup, it’s a thing. And while we wait for Virginia to deem it safe for esthetician skincare, we’ve created an approved facial-focused massage + consultation offering to meet your skincare needs. Draining lymph, releasing tension, and bringing back skin health + vitality can be addressed through Massage and Gua Sha techniques. On the scalp, ears, neck, chest and feet. Yes, you’ll wear your mask for the entirety of the in-person treatment, and leave with the benefits and bliss facials deliver.

Virtual Skin Care Consultation
30 Minutes, $25
Includes a $25 credit towards a same-day purchase of product. 
Changes in our skin happen throughout life, season-to-season, and so should the products we use. Our esthetician will thoroughly review your intake form and then evaluate your skin during your Zoom appointment. You’ll have an opportunity to ask questions, and with your input, we’ll offer suggestions for products + care protocols that will be most helpful to you and your goals. All from the comfort and safety of your home. 

Waxing + Tinting
Brows, $24
Lip, $24
Chin, $24
Brows, Lip & Chin, $60
Half Arms, $30
Full Arms, $50
Bikini, $42
Brazilian, $78
Half Legs, $40
Full Legs, $65

Eyebrows, $36
Eyelashes, $36
Eyebrows & Eyelashes, $60

Anne Dietrich
is a board-certified licensed massage therapist and esthetician with over ten years of experience in the field of holistic care. As an esthetician, she has been able to work with a plethora of skincare lines and has a vast knowledge of products, understanding components and ingredients and how they can affect various skin conditions. She practices nutritional therapies to assist in healing and nourishing the skin. Anne fulfills her passion for skin correction using non-toxic, high quality ingredients—her ultimate goal is to assist her clients both
internally and externally through slow beauty.