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Rose Los Angeles is a premium CBD brand developed by renowed chefs, the globe over. Using regenerative agriculture, each Rose Delight edible gummie is infused with single-strain hemp flower rosin, meticulously pressed in-house. This Boketto favorite is a true delight to eat, plus vegan & gluten-free.

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Flower Rosin Infused Rose Delights

Nünchi Citrus Oolong Boba

This new seasonal recipe, created in partnership with Nünchi’s Lexie Park, brings together a refreshing mix of local produce and herbal tea in the style of a beloved, cheeky, bubble tea treat. A blend of Bernard Ranches’ citrus–orange, grapefruit, lemon–with a hint of bergamot is paired with a Ruby Oolong from San Francisco-based Song Tea and infused with Silver Haze from Elli-Hou Farms. Enjoy a single Delight or squish two together for chewy fruity tea in one bite.

Lexie Park pays homage to a beloved treat: boba. Nünchi Boba taps into Lexie’s youth taking solo trips around LA, drinking boba with her friends, and her intention with Nünchi to reclaim childlike freedom to have fun with foods that invite whimsy and joy. Infused with Silver Haze from Elli-Hou Farms.

A blend of Bernard Ranches citrus (orange, lemon, grapefruit with a hint of bergamot) is paired with a Ruby Oolong boba from SF’s Song Tea. Two recipes in one box - squish two together for a refreshing gulp of citrus boba or enjoy the standout flavors one at a time.

20 gummies / 10mg CBD per gummy
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Flower Rosin Infused Rose Delights

Candy Cap Root Beer

Wild foraged Candy Cap mushrooms are highlighted for Mushroom People's maple-syrup notes and complemented with a 12-ingredient house-made root beer blend, including sarsaparilla, sassafras, birch bark, star anise, mint, vanilla, fresh ginger, and lemon peel.

Mushrooms aren’t an ingredient that screams candy, but the inherent tension between an earthy, savory ingredient and one that couldn’t get more saccharine–soda– is fertile ground for the flavors brought together in this recipe. Infused with Hudson Hemp Guava flower rosin.

Ingredients: Sarsaparilla, Sassafras, Birch bark, Star anise, Mint, Vanilla, Fresh ginger, Lemon peel , Vegan, Gluten-Free

20 gummies / 10mg CBD per gummy
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Flower Rosin Infused Rose Delights

Rose Hibiscus

A Turkish Delight-style infused edible, this seasonal flavor is crafted with hibiscus and rose water. An aromatic and bright floral experience that’s the sum of two parts: organic rose water and organic hibiscus flower. A pure and uncluttered combination.

This recipe includes the botanic undertones of a single-strain flower rosin from regeneratively farmed CBD flower by Hudson Hemp-a small team of visionaries who are leading the way in hemp farming.

20 gummies / 10mg CBD per gummy
Call us at (804) 354-6707 to purchase


Flower Rosin Infused Rose Delights

Nünchi ‘Milky Fruity’

Our food art dreams become a reality with these new @eatnunchi Delights! This special release contains two flavors in one box-recreating the experience of a Nünchi jelly cake.

SF Milkman coconut water (Milky) and Chino Farms Albion strawberry + yuzu (Fruity). These Delights were made to be squished together so you can taste “milky” and “fruity” together while consuming 20mg of CBD-plus a wide spectrum of other cannabinoids and terpenes directly from the source plant.

Flower Rosin Infused Rose Delights

Apple Ume Ginger

Cult-status Gravenstein apple cider made from fruit grown in Mendocino’s historic Anderson Valley. The 80-acre property belongs to the Pomo Tierra collective, established in 1971. Bob Bernstein, known as Bernie, is a member of the collective and has managed the orchard since the early 1970s.

For this recipe, Bernie’s cider is blended with a tart and floral Ume Plum syrup from Oakland-based Yumé Boshi— winner of the 2018 good food awards. Finished with a fresh-pressed ginger juice for a little touch of spice. Infused with Hudson Hemp Electra first-press flower rosin.

Flower Rosin Infused Rose Delights

Cherimoya Sannam Chili Lime

Cherimoya, when slightly soft is like a creamy custard with flavors of mango, pineapple and banana. Someone once described it as “deliciousness itself”. We think it was #MarkTwain. For this recipe we used peak-season cherimoya from Rincon Tropics, Guntur Sannam chili from Diaspora Co. and lime from Bernard Ranches. Infused with a Kush first-press flower rosin from Hudson Hemp.

This is a tripped-out tropical cocktail of a Delight. An exclusive collaboration between Rose Delights and Brain Dead.

Flower Rosin Infused Rose Delights

Blueberry Caipirinha

Chef Manu Buffara is from Curitiba, the capital of the Southern Brazilian state of Paraná. In 2018 Manu received the 50’s Best “One To Watch” award. Fun Fact: Manu has installed 4,000 beehives throughout Curitiba to bring health and agricultural benefits to her city.

Manu’s Blueberry Caipirinha Delights highlight traditional Brazilian flavors using California produce and wild foraged ingredients— Coastal Moon blueberries and Coke Farm Meyer lemons with Novo Fogo cachaca. Finished with foraged mint. Infused with Prism first-press flower rosin from Sonoma Hills Farms.

Flower Rosin Infused Rose Delights


In collaboration with Sarah Best, Founder of Dirt (the Toronto-based cannabis lifestyle brand) comes a free jazz blend of Valencia orange, Anjou pear, passion fruit, grapefruit and celery juice to balance the acidity from the tropical/citrus fruits.

Each Delight is coated with Rose’s own delicious compost blend: a combination of Kukoto sugar, Mendocino foraged candy cap mushrooms, cacao, activated charcoal, pickled red shiso leaves and Maldon sea salt flakes. Infused with an Electra flower rosin grown by Hudson Hemp and pressed in the Rose kitchen.

Flower Rosin Infused Rose Delights


Rose Lose Angeles first recipe partnership with three-star Michelin chef, Dominique Crenn of Atelier Crenn in San Francisco. Dominque’s recipe features Frederick passion fruit from Rincon Tropics and house-pressed Johnathan apples from Nana Mae’s in Sebastapol to round out the peak summer palette with luscious, bright layers that are wildly compatible—a perfect bite to connect the summer with the fall.

Rose x Crenn CBD Delights feature first-press Sour Space Candy Hemp Rosin from New York’s female-owned and operated Hudson Hemp.

Flower Rosin Infused Rose Delights

Poached Pear in Chili Ancho

It’s not often one gets to enjoy ingredients from the 12th best restaurant in the world. Introducing Rose’s collaboration with Chef Enrique Olvera.

Green D’anjou pears from Mt. Hood Organics is poached in Koch mezcal (not to worry— all of the alcohol has cooked off leaving only the flavor behind) and finished with a smokey/sweet Ancho chili powder made by Enrique’s team in the Pujol kitchen.

Flower Rosin Infused Rose Delights

Hachiya Persimmon, Hibiscus, and Pujol Tamarind (Ponche)

It’s not often one gets to enjoy ingredients from the 12th best restaurant in the world. Introducing our collaboration with Chef Enrique Olvera.

This is Chef Olvera’s spin on a traditional Mexican punch. Using ripe, mushy, Hachiya persimmons from Blossom Bluff Orchards as the base we added an organic hibiscus flower and tamarind paste made in the Pujol kitchen.

The result is a deliciously complex and tangy Mexican punch in edible form.